Gamedec to launch for Nintendo Switch in 2021; Gamescom 2020 Trailer

Anshar Studios has announced that adaptive cyberpunk RPG Gamedec will launch for Nintendo Switch in 2021, following the game's PC launch this year.

For Gamescom 2020, a new trailer has been shared, highlighting the game's premise and locations. Gamedec is an isometric non-combat RPG, where you play as a futuristic detective solving crimes that take place in virtual game worlds.

The trailer is below. We also had a chance to check out an early preview for Gamedec, and you can read Dani's thoughts on what she played here.

Gamedec puts you in the shoes of a 22nd century detective who solves crimes in the vast virtual worlds of the future. There's no combat, but every choice you make matters.

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