Nier Automata has now shipped over 4.85 million units

If you're a Nier fan, today is a time to celebrate: a remaster release date, a mobile game coming West - and huge success for the most recent entry in the series, as Square Enix has announced that physical shipments and digital sales of NieR: Automata have now passed 4.85 million units. A previous sales update given for the game was the 4 million barrier in May 2019.

The announcement was made as part of a Nier series livestream as part of Tokyo Game Show 2020, which this year is an online event.

This is a huge milestone for the game, which RPG Site scored with a rare 10/10 back in March 2017, before its release. The game is surely something of a modern masterpiece, and that has been rewarded with the kind of success that is rarely given to games like this - as Nier is esoteric and eccentric to say the least.

Nier Automata originally released only on PlayStation 4, but later got PC and Xbox One ports. The wild success of Automata has led to the series becoming a major focus for Square Enix - there's a mobile spin-off title coming out worldwide soon, and a significantly changed remaster of the original Nier - which was deeply flawed but brimming with smart ideas - will release next April.