Here's over 40 minutes of Monster Hunter Rise gameplay for you to watch

Monster Hunter promotion has gone to zero from a hundred real fast - so a little over a week after the new Switch-exclusive Monster Hunter title was announced, here's a huge 40 minutes of gameplay of Monster Hunter Rise

The footage made its debut as part of the Capcom Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online event - a huge number of live streams and announcements online, put together to make up for the lack of a physical TGS event this year. A couple of days ago Capcom showed off a new TGS 2020 trailer and some shorter gameplay footage - but now we have lengthy, live, direct-feed footage of this new Monster Hunter in action. 

You get to see a whole lot of Monster Hunter Rise in this new footage, including a lot of time to see new features like the Palamute companion and grappling hook style Wirebug in action. There's also localized commentary, thanks to a very talented intepreter that is following along and live-translating the comments of the Japanese developers giving the demo.

If this footage excites you, you thankfully won't have too long to wait - Monster Hunter Rise is due out on March 26, 2021. That's a worldwide release, too - no need to longingly stare at Japanese gameplay while waiting for a Western version!

It's not the only Monster Hunter due next year, either - Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will also be landing on the Switch at some point in 2021.