Falcom is making another new Trails title set for release in Japan by September 2021

Nihon Falcom has published a financial report presentation for the company's previous fiscal year which concluded in September 2020. The presentation slide also mentioned plans for the company—which is known for developing the Trails, Ys, and Xanadu series—in the new fiscal year that started in October 2020 and will end in September 2021.

Page 17 of the slide gave a rundown of Falcom's plans for the new fiscal year. The biggest teaser that came from this presentation is that Falcom is currently preparing a new title in their flagship Trails series, and they will release the new game in Japan by the end of the new fiscal year.

We have translated the contents of the page as follows:

  • Next year 2021 will be the 40th anniversary year from the founding of this company.
  • Planning to release multiple titles for game consoles, including a brand-new title in the Trails series as a title to mark the 40th anniversary of the company's founding.
  • The Trails series is one of this company's flagship works that have surpassed 5 million copies in total sales and received many awards from Japan Game Awards, Famitsu Awards, PlayStation Awards, and more.
  • Proceeding on multi-platform expansions to PS4, Switch, PC, and smartphones worldwide in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Proceeding on producing new titles as new challenges while actively utilizing IP contents owned by Falcom, including continuing the Trails and Ys series.
  • Expecting the latter half [of the fiscal year] to have higher importance due to a focus on sales in months where new products are released, as a peculiarity of the achievement transition.
  • Continuing to observe effects from novel coronavirus pandemic, although currently there are no major effects from it.

Falcom saw a slight decrease in profit in the September 2020 fiscal year—although it was still the second-best result after the 2019 fiscal year—and they also expect incomes in the new 2021 fiscal year to stagnate. The company also listed the known ports and re-releases that are expected to contribute to the new fiscal year ending September 2021.

The entire Trails of Cold Steel and Crossbell subseries will be brought to Nintendo Switch in Asia, and all four Cold Steel titles on PC via Steam will also receive Korean and Traditional Chinese localizations. The slide also included the multi-language Switch release of Ys Origin on October 1 and the English releases of Trails of Cold Steel IV in the list—the PS4 version already launched on October 27—as the month was already part of Falcom's new fiscal year.


The latest title in the Trails series available to date is The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki, which was released in Japan and East Asia for PlayStation 4 on August 27. An English localization has yet to be announced for the latest RPG that features multiple protagonists including Rean Schwarzer from the Cold Steel subseries and Lloyd Bannings from the Crossbell subseries—the latter has still yet to even receive an official English release.