Monster Hunter Rise - Charge Blade and Hunting Horn trailers published with Weapon and Partner quiz

Capcom has published Monster Hunter Rise weapon gameplay trailers for the final two weapon types: Charge Blade and Hunting Horn. With these, all 14 weapon types have received their own trailers.

Previously, Capcom published trailers for the Dual Blades, BowLance, Long SwordLight & Heavy BowgunsHammer, Sword & ShieldGunlance, Insect Glaive, Switch Axe, and Great Sword. Every weapon in Monster Hunter Rise receives new Silkbind attacks that utilize the new Wirebug insect.

Find the weapon trailers right below. Monster Hunter Rise will be released for Nintendo Switch simultaneously worldwide on March 26.

Charge Blade

Dynamic, crushing potential. The Charge Blade weaves together an empowered sword and stout shield to make up a mighty axe. Charge it up in sword mode, then unleash devastating attacks in axe mode. "Counter Peak Performance" is a silkbind attack that readies your shield for incoming attacks; getting hit fills your phials to maximum, priming you for the ultimate counter attack.

Hunting Horn

Rhythmic, heart-pounding hits. The Hunting Horn smashes through the charts with powerful moves that stun monsters and buff your hunting party! "Earthshaker" is a head-pounding beat silkbind attack that drives an Ironsilk-bound blade into the target like a stake. Sonic vibrations explode inside the target causing big damage!

With all 14 weapon trailers now accounted for, Capcom also published a Japanese questionnaire webpage that determines the best weapon and Palico/Palamute composition for you. We have translated the questions and answers, as well as the quiz progression routes, as follows:

Weapon Quiz

  1. What would you do first if you get appointed as the commander of a new squad?
    A: Procure weapons - move to #2
    B: Train troops - move to #8
  2. You're hunting in a volcanic area, and magma spews up from the ground. What will you do?
    A: Reach for my weapon, because that's a sign a monster is going to show up - move to #3
    B: Check if I still have some Cool Drinks - move to #6
  3. What would you buy in an antique bookshop?
    A: A single rare book any mania would crave for - move to #4
    B: A full 10-volume set of a series I've always wanted to read - move to #5

  4. What would you do if you've hunted a monster so far until it limps, but you have run out of items?
    A: Return to Base Camp because I can't afford to fail the quest
    B: Attack the monster because I can't let it go
  5. You are feeling cold while resting nearby a bonfire on a mountain. What would you do to warm yourself?
    A: Throw more firewood to make the fire bigger
    B: Embrace my pet which is sleeping next to me
  6. Things are not going well in your work recently, so the same environment looks more gloomy when you're heading home. What would you do?
    A: Play with a friend to refresh my mood - move to #5
    B: Read a book to gain new ways of thinking and seeing things - move to #8
  7. What advice would you give to your junior regarding their future?
    A: Encourage them to reform because they don't have to fit the mold
    B: Tell them to stay on the same path they've been walking on.
  8. What kind of power do you want after establishing a country?
    A: Expand regions to fight against a larger country - move to #9
    B: Completely obliterate anything that threatens my country - move to #12
  9. Your best friend is feeling very sad. Where would you take them?
    A: Amusement park - move to #10
    B: Aquarium - move to #11
  10. Two other people are debating endlessly in a meeting. Both of them have valid points, but the debate never ends. What will you do to stop them?
    A: Silence them with a single word
    B: Make a conclusion by combining the good and bad points from both people
  11. Try to objectively see how you would behave when interacting with other people.
    A: I clearly change my attitude between online and offline
    B: I change my attitude depending on the person approaching me, regardless of public or private
  12. What would you fill up an exploration bag with?
    A: A knife that is easy to use - move to #13
    B: A memo pad to record things - move to #14
  13. What place would you visit after oversleeping on a holiday?
    A: A shrine complex with a small deity shrine
    B: A cafe that feels good
  14. You fall into a valley and you only have a few food and water. What will you do?
    A: Drink the water little by little, as I prepare for a long-term struggle until a solution comes out
    B: Drink all the water at once so I can scream for help, as I believe that a friend will rescue me soon

Partner Quiz

  1. Who do you think will appear to assist you in a critical battle?
    A: A junior who can take care of me - move to #2
    B: A same-aged rival with whom I have a friendly rivalry - move to #3
  2. Which role would you take when producing a movie?
    A: Protagonist, because I'm the only one who can play the role
    B: Director, because I can see the whole picture
  3. What would you do if you see a favorite meal during a buffet but your stomach is almost full?
    A: Stop eating because I can't afford to break my stomach
    B: Do whatever I can to eat that meal