Maglam Lord gets more details on the dating system

D3 Publisher has released more information on Maglam Lord, the new action RPG with an emphasis on bonding with a romance candidate. More details were released specifically on the game's dating system.

The new screenshots should confirm that you will be able to date any characters, regardless of the gender you chose for the protagonist Killizzark. Although only 5 partner candidates are available by default: the hero Darius, the heroine Charm, the mechanical doll M.O.A.V., the beast girl Gelet, and the saint Aqluaow, you can unlock a couple more candidates by doing certain things.

Choosing dialogue responses that please Satyous often will eventually let you unlock Killizzark's servant in both battle and romance. Although the government clerk Mamie will never be available in battles, you can also raise her affection by frequently contributing specified items as Happiness Tax.

Other than unlocking more dating scenes and determining the eventual ending, raising affection with a certain partner will also bring the following merits:

  1. The partner's combat stats will be increased. The higher the affection rank, the better the percentages will be.
  2. The partner may occasionally show up to help forge a weapon, resulting in a rare weapon with an additional decoration slot.
  3. The better the partner's affinity, the more cheerful their expressions and quotes will be after winning battles.
Maglam Lord screenshots

Maglam Lord will be released on March 18 in Japan. An English localization has yet to be announced.