Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade final trailer confirms the appearance of Nero

Square Enix has published the final trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. The video was first revealed at the end of a Japanese live stream dedicated to the FFVII First Soldier mobile game. While the trailer showed a lot of story cutscenes and boss battles, it may also contain spoilers to the full game.

The three-and-a-half minute-long trailer is generally split into two parts. The first part shows Cloud's party fighting against various bosses, including Rufus Shinra. It also revealed that Cloud's group will also have a new boss battle against Weiss.

The second part moves the spotlight to Yuffie and Sonon, who have their own separate storyline in this upgrade. This section also has its own share of major reveals. Other than a mini-game based on Polk's favorite game Condor Fort, a boss battle against a robot piloted by Scarlet, and Ramuh returning as a summon, the trailer also revealed that Weiss is not the only character added from Dirge of Cerberus. Weiss' brother Nero the Sable will also appear here as one of the new bosses. In the Japanese version, Nero's original voice actor Ryotaro Okiayu will return to reprise his cast.

Find the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade final trailer, available in English and Japanese voiceovers, right below. This game will be released for PlayStation 5 on June 10. The English trailer added that it will be available on the PS5 for at least six months earlier than other platforms.

English Trailer

Japanese Trailer