Rune Factory 5 will add DLC costumes from past series titles

Marvelous has revealed that they will add DLC costumes from past series titles in Rune Factory 5. Costumes from the first three mainline titles will be available as paid DLC. Marvelous will also include more costumes from the remaining games with other methods.

The costumes will be able to be worn by the protagonist (Ares or Alice), but only for those of the same gender. As the first three games did not have a female protagonist, Alice will instead receive costumes based on the first heroine from each respective title.

  1. Rune Factory: Raguna and Mist
  2. Rune Factory 2: Kyle and Mana
  3. Rune Factory 3: Micah and Shara

All of the DLC costumes will be available on May 20; the same day the game launches in Japan. Costumes from the first three mainline titles are available grouped by each title for 330 yen. There is also an all-in-one pack where you can buy everything with a small discount at 880 yen.

Other than the above three titles, Marvelous will also add protagonist costumes from Rune Factory Oceans (also known in North America as Tides of Destiny). Aden and Sonja's costumes will be available for free to everyone, obtainable by simply downloading the day-one update patch.

Rune Factory 5 DLC costumes

As for Rune Factory 4, the costumes will be obtainable from having a Rune Factory 4 Special save data on the same console and regional version. We have previously learned that the save data will unlock Doug and Margaret as non-marriable companions. Each of them also has a special request that rewards Lest and Frey's costumes respectively on completion.

Marvelous had also uploaded a trailer that shows the prequel content in action in Rune Factory 5.

Rune Factory 5 releases in Japan for Nintendo Switch this Thursday on May 20. The Western localization is currently slated to come later within 2021. If you missed the news, you can catch up on reading about the game's battle system and romance candidates.