Legend of Mana screenshots showcase equipment, pets, and characters

Square Enix has released new screenshots and information for Legend of Mana, highlighting gameplay components and characters of the upcoming re-release. The details showcase the game's equipment & pets, as well as NPCs integral to the game's Faerie and Dragon story arcs.

You can find the details below, and screenshots in the gallery.

Legend of Mana is set to release for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam) on June 24. For more, you can check out details on the Land Creation & combat system, as well the debut announcement.

Equipment, Instruments, Pets, and Golems


Setting up an Equipment Smithy inside the workshop behind your home will let you forge and customize weapons and armors. The stats will be determined by the item type and materials chosen. You can also add more stats by customizing the items with other materials.


An Instrument Workshop can also be set in a similar manner. It will let you create magic instruments that determine the magic attack stat and the list of magic usable by the user. While the forging process is similar to the above equipment, instruments will require additional Spirit Coins.


You can capture child monsters and raise them in the Monster Corral to make them into Pet Monsters that can accompany you in journeys and battles. Pets will act on their own in battles, so it's up to the player to coordinate your attacks and trigger beneficial synchro effects.


The player can also create Golems, a combat creature infused with mana. Creating a golem will require a lot of weapons, armors, and instruments. However, you will be able to freely determine its HP, stats, and commands, unlike pets.


You can also set up a Backyard Orchard that will spawn an elder Treant. You can hand over seeds for the Treant to generate fruits, which can be used to feed Pets, color Golems, or even used as side materials for customizing equipment.

Characters (Faerie and Dragon Story Arcs)

Legend of Mana Characters

Square Enix also revealed several of the game's NPC characters. Legend of Mana's storyline is broadly separated into three branches: the Faerie story arc, the Dragon story arc, and the Jumi story arc. These characters introduced are the ones integral to the first two.

  • Faerie Story Arc
    • Escad: A swordsman from the prestigious Liotte family of holy knights. He is stubborn and believes his path is the path of justice. Even when confronted by others, he never bends and always believes the other side is evil.
    • Daena: A feline monk soldier who protects Gato's temple. She appears cool at first glance and also exhibits a fierce fighting spirit. However, because of her earnest and serious nature, she sometimes overthinks.
    • Matilda: A woman born into the family of priests at Gato's Temple. As she grows up, she questions the fate that awaits her as a result of her lineage and becomes attracted to the free-spirited Irwin, so they decide to escape together.
    • Irwin: A man who is half human, half demon. He is the king of the fairies, who are at odds with humankind. He shares his heart with Matilda, but is confused by feelings that are incompatible with demons.
  • Dragon Story Arc
    • Larc: A beastman warrior. When his country was invaded by a neighboring country, he showed remarkable performance as a warrior and became well-renowned.
    • Sierra: A beautiful female dragoon in the employ of Vadise. She is also a beast-warrior who tracks Lark often strict with others and herself.
    • Drakonis (Tiamat in Japanese): The Crimson Dragon Archdemon of Hell. He had ambitions to rule the world, but was defeated by his fellow dragons.
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