Swords of Legends Online - Housing Trailer and Details

Publisher Gameforge and developers Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon have posted a new trailer and information for upcoming MMORPG Swords of Legends Online, detailing the MMORPG's housing system.

In SOLO, you can create your own handcrafted floating island, crafting both the interior and exterior, while leveling up your residence to unlock more buildable features. You can also create things like gardens, ponds, and baths.

You can check out the trailer below, alongside a description of housing from Gameforge.

In case you missed it, you can check out:

What better way to wind down after a hard-fought battle than in your own residence? And in Swords of Legends Online you’ll feel like you’re on cloud nine with your very own floating island! But whether you treat that island as a place to kick back and chill or prefer to put your architect’s cap on and lovingly craft every little detail is up to you!

  • Make your House your Home: You can transform, decorate and manage your residence exactly how you please. The extensive housing system puts a massive range of creative options at your fingertips, giving you tons of different daily activities to perform.
  • Get Cozy Among the Clouds: As soon as you’ve reached the max level, you’ll receive a quest to unlock your own residence. This is built on a floating island, and you learn step by step how to manage your beautiful home in the clouds.
  • Plenty to do Around the House: There’s tons of fun to be had in expanding your estate. Fulfill daily tasks to earn new blueprints, materials, and essences for crafting furniture and decorative items. With your own Workbench, Forge, Stash, and Workshop, you can keep improving, expanding, and decorating your island home.
  • Builders Gotta Build: As you increase the level of your residence, you can keep unlocking exciting new content for your home. Create a mighty garden, fill the air with music, fish in your very own pond, or let the stress melt from your muscles in a relaxing thermal bath. Plus you can share the fun! Invite your friends, not just to visit, but to help you build your beautiful home.
  • Island Kingdoms: Hop on the back of your noble steed and explore vast neighborhoods comprised of 20 floating islands. If you want, you could even set up a region just for you and your alliance friends. There are plenty of regions and servers available, so tens of thousands of players can have their own residence during the beta and beyond.