Fantasian Part 2 launches on August 13

Following teases made last week, Mistwalker has announced that the second part to Fantasian will launch on August 13 for Apple Arcade.

As reported by IGN, Fantasian Part 2 is more quest-driven than the first part that released in April. Part 2 is also expected to be about double the size, too, with 34 new tracks from Nobuo Uematsu and the boasting a runtime of 40-60 hours. As teased by the end of the first part, there is also a new skill tree system in place for character growth, as well as the ability to swap characters in and out of the battle party. 

Fantasian tells the story of Leo, who travels around the multidimensional world to remember his lost memories and find his missing father.

You can check out a new trailer, screenshots, and diorama images below from Mistwalker, via IGN.

Fantasian Screenshots
Fantasian Dioramas