Super Robot Wars 30 PC and PlayStation 4 versions will support Custom BGM

Bandai Namco published a new Q&A page on the Super Robot Wars 30 official website. One of the frequently-asked questions listed on the page confirmed that the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will support Custom BGM. This feature has also been present in Bandai Namco's recent mecha strategy RPG titles, including Super Robot Wars T and SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays. The Switch version will not have this feature though, as the platform has still yet to support hardware-based music playback as of this writing.

Super Robot Wars 30 will support MP3 files with MPEG1Layer3 codec. It will support sampling frequencies of 32000, 44100, and 48000 Hz. However, users will also need to make sure that the audio files have one of the following constant bit rates: 96, 112, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256, or 320 kbps.

The FAQ page also revealed more details on the non-linear mission system. While all Area Missions support Auto Mode, not all missions in the Tactical Area Selection need to be cleared unless you aim for a 100% completion. SRW 30 will only require you to clear the ones specified as Key Missions in order to eventually reach the story's ending. It also assured that the SRX and Cybaster will have their own DLC missions separately from the season pass.


The PC version of Super Robot Wars 30 will be available worldwide via Steam on October 28. While the strategy RPG is also coming to PlayStation 4 (with PlayStation 5 backward compatibility) and Nintendo Switch, the console releases will only be officially available in Asia. There will be no cross-save among any platforms.