Mary Skelter Finale screenshots showcase dungeons, chase mode, and insectmares

Idea Factory International has shared new information and screenshots for Mary Skelter Finale, detailing dungeon exploration, chase mode, and insectmares. Additionally, the publisher has updated the character page on the game's official website.

The battle system details can be found below with screenshots in the gallery, via Idea Factory International.

Mary Skelter Finale is set to release on September 30 in North America and on October 1 in Europe. In case you missed it, you can check out the announcement trailer and screenshots from July 2021free post-game DLC details, or battle system details.

Chase Mode


Nightmares are powerful guardians that patrol Jail towers. If you are spotted by one, they will initiate Chase Mode. If caught by a Nightmare, a challenging battle will ensue. To defeat Nightmares, players will have to find and destroy their power sources that are hidden with Jail. If you are caught by a Nightmare before the power source is destroyed, you have the opportunity to knock the Nightmare down and also use the different dungeon gimmicks and traps to injure it while you escape. In this installment, Nightmares can summon their spawn known as Insectmares, so be wary!



Insectmares are the offspring of Nightmares. These terrifying larvae will horde like locusts when targeting a Blood Maiden, sticking onto her body without warning. Insectmares can inflict status ailments and disable certain commands. Players will need to splatter Nightmare or Marchen blood onto the Insectmares to get rid of them. Attacking Insectmares directly can result in stat boosts and increases to your Blood Splatter meters, which in turn changes the odds to your favor.

Mary Skelter Finale