Here's a 13-minute gameplay trailer for mecha action RPG Megaton Musashi

There's a lot that can be said for Megaton Musashi, an action RPG centered on cooperative online play. There's the inherent appeal of piloting a giant robot against fierce alien invaders. There's a wealth of available information, including the game's main characters, major mecha, nefarious foes, and more. We've seen several deep-dive streams from the developers, including a fairly hefty one at Tokyo Game Show 2021

And now, one week before its arrival, Megaton Musashi's getting a presumably final extended look in the form of a 13-minute gameplay trailer courtesy of IGN Japan.

The good news is that Megaton Musashi looks like a suitably action-packed extravaganza with lovely customizable mechs and some pretty nifty boss battles. The bad news? Frankly, the odds are slim that this game is ever localized for western markets. We may be destined to ogle its titular Megaton-class robot from afar.

Megaton Musashi will launch for PS4 and Switch in Japan on November 11. iOS and Android versions were originally planned, but it appears that they were nixed at some point during development. An anime adaptation is presently airing on channel TOKYO MX; unfortunately, it isn't available for global streaming.