Dragon Quest X Offline new screenshots introduce Pukuland and the Poppets

Square Enix has published more new information and screenshots for Dragon Quest X Offline. After previously showing the general world setting, they have started giving more spotlights to specific regions in the world of Astoltia.

The first of five regions introduced here is Pukuland, the lushest continent in the game's world. The region is also known as the origin place of the naturally cute Poppets.

Find the screenshots and our translations of the new information right below. Dragon Quest X Offline will release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in Japan on February 26, 2022. An English localization for this game has yet to be announced.


Most parts of the Pukuland continent have a rich climate with vast grassland blooming with flowers. In the world of Astoltia, flowers are a trademark of Pukuland and there are many buildings modeled after them.

Many towns in Pukuland look like coming from fairy tales. The Glittering Windmill Tower and the Megistris Capital are particularly known as famous tourist spots. The continent also houses the Pukulet Village where the headman is known as a talented veteran entertainer and the Orphea Town that hosts entertainment centers like Circus.


A race that loves laughter and dreams; they put their passion into creating fun. Although their bodies are small and fluffy, they are brimming with curiosity even more than other races.

Here are some of the Poppets that the protagonist will meet in Pukuland:

  1. Pilippo
    A youth who aspires to become a comedian in Pukulet Village. He also used to tag with the winner of the village's performance tournament.
  2. Pudding
    A timid boy who lives in Pukulet. He cries as soon as he encounters a problem. He adores entertainers.
  3. Nablet
    The mayor of Orphea Town who also heads the Nabnab Circus Troupe. He is deeply trusted by the townsfolk.
  4. Inspector Pacre
    A police inspector who protects public order in Orphea. While having a strong sense of justice, he also often makes wrong assumptions.
  5. Laguas
    Prince of the Kingdom of Megistris. Being introverted, he rarely shows himself in front of people. A certain event will make him join the protagonist's party.
  6. Fosteil
    A mysterious hero said to have saved the continent 500 years ago. Also said to have the power to predict the future.