Legend of Mana now available for mobile devices in Japan [Update: Now available worldwide]


Square Enix has released Legend of Mana worldwide for iOS and Android devices. It will be priced at $21.99 until December 21.


Square Enix has today released the remaster of Legend of Mana for iOS and Android devices in Japan. It will be priced at ¥3420 normally, with a discount to ¥2700 until December 21.

The Squaresoft PS1 classic was re-released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC earlier this year on June 24. The new version includes remastered visuals, a remastered/original soundtrack toggle, the previously JP-only Ring Ring Land minigame, an ability to turn off random encounters, the ability to save (almost) anywhere, and a gallery mode.

There's no official confirmation just yet of an English release of the mobile port, but it seems quite likely, as many other Mana series mobile games have received English releases, such as Trials of Mana earlier this year and the upcoming Echoes of Mana.

A new promotional trailer and mobile version screenshots can be found below. For more, you can check out Scott's review of the console release.

Legend of Mana mobile screenshots