Shikabane-gurai no Bouken Meshi screenshots detail jobs, equipment, skills, poses, and more

Nippon Ichi Software has released new screenshots and information for roguelike strategy RPG Shikabane-gurai no Bouken Meshi, detailing jobs, equipment, skills, poses, and more.

Our translation of the details can be found below, with screenshots in the gallery, via NIS. Shikabane-gurai no Bouken Meshi is set to release in Japan on January 27, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. An English localization has yet to be announced.

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You can customize and edit your created characters' poses and expressions to be set in menus and cut-ins.


In Shikabane-gurai no Bouken Meshi, skills will consist of:

  • Battle Skills - techniques that can be triggered in battles, obtained by increasing job levels and weapon proficiencies. Example: Bedrock Reversal is an attack learned from increasing Axe proficiency.
  • Passive Skills - activated from eating meals. Example: Calorie Recovery Rate Up literally adds more calories from eating meals.

Job Examples

  • Swordsman - excels in defense stat and using Sword. Performs the best at the frontlines. Skill example: Quick Slash is a sword attack that lets the user quicken their movement turn
  • Mage - despite low defense, these attackers can hit the enemies' weaknesses with 4 elements. Skill example: Fire Spear is a magic attack that pierces through 3 squares to the front
  • Chef - not suited for battles, but they are the unsung heroes who can heal and have high cooking skills. Skill example: Low Quality Resistance is a passive skill that lets them reduce demerits from low-quality meals

Equipment and Skills

Treasure boxes inside dungeons will contain random equipment and weapons. Even the same kind of equipment will contain different skills and levels. Each equipment also has higher rarity versions that may come with more potent skills.

  • Weapons: 4 types of weapons are available: Sword, Axe, Spear, Bow; but a character can also fight with Bare Hands. Each weapon type will have different attack power, range, and skills.
  • Armors: 3 types of armors can be equipped at once: Head, Body, and Accessory. They will come with skills and buffs for Defense and other stats.

Corpse Eating

[Translator Note: Corpse Eating is a literal play on the JP title]

A character can eat corpses of dead monsters or even allies to recover HP and activate special skills during a battle. Each corpse type will have different recovery rate and skill obtained.



  • Sad Eye corpse will give the Sharpshoot skill that makes an attack critical.
  • Mandragora corpse will give the ability to attack twice.



Approaching an enemy symbol from behind in the exploration map will start the battle with an Advantage where all party members get to move earlier. Conversely, if a monster approaches you from behind, then the monsters will get the early advantage.

Chain Attack


When a character attacks an enemy within the attack range of other allies, there's a probability for a Chain Attack to occur. The character cut-ins made using Pose Edit will be shown here. Bow-using characters can more easily trigger Chains due to the weapon's long range. 

Shikabane-gurai no Bouken Meshi