Super Robot Wars 30 December update will add SRW DD protagonist Didarion [Update]

Update (December 21)

Bandai Namco has confirmed the release dates for Super Robot Wars 30's free December update patch and paid DLC2. The new paid DLC will officially appear at platform storefronts on December 23 PST. Meanwhile, the free update patch and DLC early access for season pass owners will come on December 21 PST.

Similar to the November update, this patch will add the DLC2 preview mission "Another Battlefield," the commemorative mission "Congratulations on 19 Million," and the new OG character recruitment mission "Dimension Diver." Despite Banpresto's numerous merchandise released in Japan, the SRW DD protagonist unit's name will be localized in English as Didarion.

The limit break update coming with this patch will be similar to the one in Super Robot Wars T. Other than Super Expert Mode, it will raise the character level limit from 99 to 200, stat limits from 400 to 999, and upgrade limits by 5.

Bandai Namco Southeast Asia has also uploaded the official English trailer for DLC2 of Super Robot Wars 30. You can find it right below alongside some English DLC 2 screenshots.

Super Robot Wars 30 DLC #2

Original (December 10)

At the December 2021 Super Robot Wars live stream, Bandai Namco revealed that Super Robot Wars 30 will add Deedalion—the protagonist of the mobile game Super Robot Wars DD. This is part of a two-way crossover between the ongoing console and mobile games, as SRW 30's male protagonist Edge Sainklaus will also appear with the Huckebein 30 on the mobile DD.

Deedalion will join the party after clearing a bonus mission titled Dimension Diver. The mission will be added with a free update that all players can get this December. It is expected to come together with the update patch that adds Super Expert Mode and raises upgrade limits, as mentioned in a previously published roadmap.

In the same stream, the team also revealed brief footage of Norba Shino's Gundam Flauros and McGillis Fareed's Gundam Bael—which complete the DLC2 roster from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans but were only mentioned verbally last October. Additionally, Shohei Mogami announced that DLC2 will include an instrumental version of Rage of Dust, the first opening song to the second season of Iron-Blooded Orphans.

Find the new trailer right below. Super Robot Wars 30 is currently available on PCs worldwide, as well as PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Asia. The actual release date for DLC2 and the Deedalion mission update has yet to be announced, but they should still come within this month. As a side note, the mobile game Super Robot Wars DD is only available in East Asia.