Super Robot Wars T receives update 1.03 which adds Super Expert Mode along with stat cap increases

Bandai Namco has today released a new major update for Super Robot Wars T which upgrades the game to version 1.03. It's a major one because rather than just simply fixing bugs and issues, this update expands the game with an even harder difficulty mode along with stat cap increases for allied pilots.

At the same time, a new paid DLC, the Replay Support Pack, has also been added to the DLC lineup. Purchasing this DLC will give the player a tremendous bonus of funds (to upgrade robots), TacP (to enhance pilots and more), and useful items.

You can read more information about the updated content right below. Super Robot Wars T has been released since March 20 in Japan and the rest of Asia for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The English localization is also available in Southeast Asia, although the Nintendo Switch release is only available physically due to the lack of Nintendo eShop in the region.


Super Expert Mode
A new mode added in the Game Mode Selection menu which is even more difficult than Expert Mode. Just like the latter, the difficulty level in this mode is fixed to Hard, and clearing a scenario without retrying will allow you to obtain SR Points. However, enemy units have higher upgrade levels and enemy pilots have more shootdown scores than even Expert Mode, so some enemies from the early parts of the game will already have applied Custom Bonuses and Ace Bonuses.

Super Aces
In recent Super Robot Wars games, allied pilots can get promoted to Aces with individual shootdown score of 60, and Great Ace at 80. Getting promoted to an Ace lets them sortie with a +5 morale bonus and have a 1.1x multiplier on receiving funds from shooting down enemies.
This update adds a new Super Ace promotion that applies once a pilot has reached a shootdown score of 300. The above bonuses are amplified further so that Super Aces will get a +10 morale bonus and a 1.3x funds multiplier.

Parameter Cap Increases
This update also raises the maximum caps for the following parameters.

  • Pilot Levels - from 99 to 200
  • Pilot Stats - from 400 to 999 each
  • Unit & Weapon Upgrade Levels - from 10/15 to 20

EX Skills
Some of the pilot skills can now be upgraded an additional level to become EX Skills which provide even stronger bonuses. Listed below are examples of such skills.

  • Attacker EX - Activates at 130 morale, raises damage dealt by 1.3x (up from 1.2x in original skill)
  • Dash EX - Increases unit's movement range by 2 (up from 1 in original skill)
  • SP Recovery EX - Recovers SP at start of Player Phase by 20 (up from 10 in original skill)
  • ExC Bonus EX - Increases ExC on sortie by 3 (up from 2 in original skill)
  • Fighter's Spirit EX - Increases morale on sortie by 20 (up from 10 in original skill)
  • Break Morale Limit EX - Increases morale limit by 30 (up from 20 in L3)
  • Save E EX - Reduces weapon energy consumption by 70% (up from 80% in L2)
  • Save B EX - Increases weapon ammunition by 2x (up from 1.5x in L2)
  • Instinct EX - Halves damage from attacks with an accuracy of 30% or lower, and increases final accuracy & evasion rates by 25% (up from 15% in L3)
  • Guard EX - When morale is at least 130, reduce damage received from enemy attacks by 0.7x (up from 0.8x in L3)
  • Lucky Star EX - Casts the Spirit Command Fortune on Sortie. While L2 lets the pilot recast the SC every Player Phase after reaching 130 morale, EX adds 3000 more funds when shooting down enemies
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