Super Robot Wars 30 Expansion Pack will add Shinkalion and more on April 20

Bandai Namco has published a new wave of content additions for Super Robot Wars 30, which will come in both paid and free update packs. The Expansion Pack DLC will be available for purchase on April 13. But purchasing the pack right on the day will still net nothing but a few bonus Custom Parts for strengthening robot units and Skill Programs to enhance pilot characters. Most of the actual content will arrive with an update patch scheduled for April 20.

The Expansion Pack will add new units, attacks, and stages. It will also come with an even more challenging Super Expert+ Mode. This new difficulty level will further test the player's strategic skills by increasing upgrade costs and experience required to level up, as well as sealing repeatable stages. Unlike the existing difficulty levels, players choosing this mode won't be able to change to another difficulty level in the middle, although they still can use a New Game+ save data to launch a playthrough in this level. Those who have successfully finished a playthrough in this mode will be able to obtain exclusively powerful Custom Parts.

With the Expansion Pack, the following titles will complete Super Robot Wars 30's overall roster:

  • Armored Trooper Votoms
  • Dancouga: Super Beast Machine God
  • Majestic Prince the Movie: Genetic Awakening
  • Getter Robo Devolution: The Last 3 Minutes of the Universe
  • Shinkalion the Movie
  • Super Robot Wars Original Generation series

And a total of 10 mech units will be added from the aforementioned titles:

  1. Scopedog TC-LRS
  2. Scopedog (with original loadout made exclusively for SRW30)
  3. Ultimate Dancouga
  4. Red 5 Plus
  5. Getter 1 (Proper Evolution)
  6. Getter 2
  7. Getter 3
  8. Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa MkII
  9. Shinkalion E5 MkII Overcross ALFA-X
  10. Dygenguar (Pferd Mode)

In addition, the update patch will also add Grungust and Van Ein—the latter being the protagonist unit of the now-defunct mobile game SRW X-Omega. Just like the Gespenst and Didarion, these two units will be available for free to all players, regardless of whether they have purchased the DLC or not.

At the end of the presentation video, Shohei Mogami declared that these content additions are the last ones Bandai Namco had planned for this title. But nevertheless, they still went out with a bang as some of the new units have different flairs than usual. In a similar fashion to Code Geass' Gekkoei Sui, the team worked with the respective mecha designers of Votoms and Dancouga—Kunio Okawara and Masami Obari—to create new original versions of the mechs exclusively for this game.

The Dygenguar's Pferd Mode has it appear combined with the Aussenseiter's horse mode by default, because in the mainline OG games, the two units originally appeared as separate units (although there is a special combination attack with a similar composition to this). And while the Grungust is still the signature mech of Irmgard Kazahara, the Irm who appears here will be based on the 4th Super Robot Wars that first appeared on SNES in 1995.

Find the new trailer and screenshots right below. Super Robot Wars 30 is currently available on PC via Steam worldwide, with additional releases on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Asia.

Super Robot Wars 30 - April Update and Expansion Pack JP Screenshots
Super Robot Wars 30 - April Update and Expansion Pack EN Screenshots