Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - Playable characters and preferred classes list

The Japanese Twitter account for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes has been publishing details about individual characters on a daily basis, in-between the weekly trailers. With the latest tweets, the new protagonist with all 24 main characters from the three separate factions are now accounted for. We have compiled the translations of preferred classes and personal skills for each playable characters from the Japanese tweets.

An earlier information wave for the game had confirmed that Three Hopes will have a similar class system to the original Fire Emblem: Three Houses. All characters will be able to assume most of the classes available in the game, with a few of them available exclusively to certain people. However, each character in this game will have several preferred classes where they can perform better. In the original Three Houses, this was identified by the characters wearing their original attires instead of the class' common outfits.

Three Hopes' class system will also let a character unlock a higher class by mastering their experience levels in the current class. However, it is yet to be known whether the class rank distribution will have some differences from Three Houses or not. For the horse-related classes—based on Three Houses' rank hierarchy, Sylvain was revealed with the intermediate Cavalier class, while Leonie was shown with the advanced Paladin classes, and then Ferdinand and Lorenz were introduced with the master classes Holy Knight and Dark Knight, respectively.

Speaking of mounted classes, the account also confirmed that Three Hopes will have the same feature as Three Houses where those units can dismount to fight on foot and negate mount-based weaknesses.

We may update this list when more playable characters get revealed ahead of the game's release date. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will be available for Nintendo Switch simultaneously worldwide on June 24.

[Update 06/14] The Japanese Twitter account has published more personal details covering all four Ashen Wolves. In addition to them, we have also added more playable characters that are available in the public demo.

The Protagonist


Shez's preferred class(es) - Fluegel [Exclusive class]
Personal Skill: Some of the attacks will have a chance to instantly kill enemy soldiers. Can also spend the unique gauge to make a quicker dash


Adrestian Empire (Black Eagles)

Edelgard von Hresvelg

Edelgard's preferred class(es) - Armored Lord [Exclusive class]
Personal Skill: Her attacks will have Fire element - Gradually reduces the enemy's HP and explode when hit by more attacks


Hubert von Vestra

Hubert's preferred class(es) - Mage, Dark Mage
Personal Skill: His attacks can apply Dark-element thorns that can be exploded at the player's own discretion


Ferdinand von Aegir

Ferdinand's preferred class(es) - Cavalier, Holy Knight
Personal Skill: Increases attack speed the higher his combo count


Bernadetta von Varley

Bernadetta's preferred class(es) - Archer
Personal Skill: Generates an icy area that freezes any enemies and improves her own critical attack rate when entering it


Caspar von Bergliez

Caspar's preferred class(es) - Brigand
Personal Skill: Able to charge any attacks to increase their damage and range


Linhardt von Hevring

Linhardt's preferred class(es) - Priest
Personal Skill: Generates wind spheres that will follow him and automatically attack any nearby enemies


Petra Macneary

Petra's preferred class(es) - Thief
Personal Skill: Changes her evasion maneuver into a Wind-elemental dash attack


Dorothea Arnault

Dorothea's preferred class(es) - Mage
Personal Skill: Generate musical note spheres nearby that will explode in various elements when hit


Monica von Ochs

Monica's preferred class(es) - Mage
Personal Skill: Pressing attack buttons at the right timing will generate a shockwave imbued with the attack's element


Jeritza von Hrym

Jeritza's preferred class(es) - Cavalier
Personal Skill: Attacking enemies fill the unique gauge that also increases his attack power. He can use the full gauge to launch an attack that instantly kills enemy soldiers


Manuela Casagranda

Manuela's preferred class(es) - Priest
Personal Skill: Attacking enemies fill the unique gauge and also spawn lightning musical staves. She can use the full gauge to launch the staves


Holy Kingdom of Faerghus (Blue Lions)

Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd

Dimitri's preferred class(es) - High Lord [Exclusive class]
Personal Skill: His attacks will have Thunder element - Electrifies enemies and pass it to more enemies hit when they're blown away


Dedue Molinaro

Dedue's preferred class(es)- Armored Knight
Personal Skill: Can charge power to launch a strong explosive sweep


Felix Hugo Fraldarius

Felix's preferred class(es) - Mercenary, Swordmaster
Personal Skill: Increases attack speed on every successful evasion


Mercedes von Martritz

Mercedes's preferred class(es) - Priest
Personal Skill: Generates pillars of light that can damage enemies and heal allies simultaneously


Annette Fantine Dominic

Annette's preferred class(es) - Mage
Personal Skill: Apply random buffs to Annette herself and nearby allies, ranging from increased critical rates to adding an element to their attacks


Ashe Ubert

Ashe's preferred class(es)- Archer
Personal Skill: Generates a wind area that can juggle enemies upwards


Sylvain Jose Gautier

Sylvain's preferred class(es) - Cavalier
Personal Skill: Increases attack range and damage the higher his combo count


Ingrid Brandl Galatea

Ingrid's preferred class(es) - Pegasus Knight
Personal Skill: Enemies blown far away will be imbued with cold air and then freeze their surroundings


Rodrigue Achille Fraldarius

Rodrigue's preferred class(es) - Cavalier
Personal Skill: Pressing attack buttons at the right timing will increase his attack's power, range, and knockback rate


Leicester Alliance (Golden Deer)

Claude von Riegan

Claude's preferred class(es) - Wyvern Master [Exclusive class]
Personal Skill: His attacks will have Wind element - Inflict wind scars that will generate more wind blades when hit by more attacks


Hilda Valentine Goneril

Hilda's preferred class(es) - Brigand
Personal Skill: Can charge up a powerful Thunder-elemental attack; nearby enemies will be pulled over during the process


Lorenz Hellman Gloucester

Lorenz's preferred class(es) - Cavalier, Dark Knight
Personal Skill: Has an exclusive gauge that can be used partially to nullify an enemy attack, or fully to launch a special rose petal attack


Lysithea von Ordelia

Lysithea's preferred class(es) - Mage, Gremory
Personal Skill: Apply Dark-element explosions to enemies that are blown far away, or those hit with Dark-element magic while having a Curse ailment


Marianne von Edmund

Marianne's preferred class(es) - Priest, Bishop
Personal Skill: Spawns snowballs that deal Ice-elemental damage to nearby enemies when her combo count is high enough


Ignatz Victor

Ignatz's preferred class(es) - Archer
Personal Skill: Enemies blown far away will splatter paint in random colors. Other enemies that touch the paint will receive elemental damage based on the paint's color


Raphael Kirsten

Raphael's preferred class(es) - Brawler
Personal Skill: Able to charge any attacks to give them more damage and probability to flinch enemies


Leonie Pinelli

Leonie's preferred class(es) - Cavalier, Paladin
Personal Skill: Her normal attack string will loop back without any gap, and each successive loop will enhance her attack speed and the power of the final attack in the string


Shamir Nevrand

Shamir's preferred class(es) - Archer
Personal Skill: Pressing attack buttons at the right timing will add Ice element to her attacks and increase critical rates


Ashen Wolves

Yuri Leclerc

Yuri's preferred class(es) - Trickster
Personal Skill: Spawn a Wind-elemental orb that can pull enemies towards it, then explode and launch them upwards


Constance von Nuvelle

Constance's preferred class(es) - Gremory
Personal Skill: Attacking enemies will let her generate elemental orbs that can be launched forward at the player's discretion. The elements will depend on the stage background: Light element at night or indoors, Dark element at daytime and outdoors


Balthus von Albrecht

Balthus' preferred class(es) - Brawler, Grappler
Personal Skill: High combo count will make his hands glow gold. Enemies blown away by his attacks in this state will drop more gold



Hapi's preferred class(es) - Mage, Warlock
Personal Skill: At the end of her attacks, she will generate a Dark-element damage field that can also be exploded at the player's discretion