Soul Hackers 2: Summoner's Guide Vol. 4 details Soul Levels, COMP Smith, and Accessories

Atlus has broadcast the fourth volume in its Summoner's Guide video series for Soul Hackers 2, detailing the game's progression systems, such as COMP Smith and Soul Levels. This follows previous entries on the game's combat systemdungeon exploration, and factions.

The video from Atlus' Japanese YouTube channel can be found below - which offers English subtitles through the CC function - along with a transcript of the video.

Devil Summoner Progression Elements


At the Mansei Realm facility COMP Smith, acquired materials can be used to modify COMPs. It's run by the talented Tara, who can apply modifications useful for battle such as increasing attack or decreasing MP costs ... or skils like Pick-Me-Up, which increases the chance of obtaining items from defeated enemies, which can grant valuable benefits for exploration.

There are also Commander Skills exclusively available to Ringo's Comp. Freely customize your COMPs to suit your individual play style.


Accessorites can be purchased in Zafiro, which is located in Shinsando.

Not only can accessorites boost defense, but many of them can modify various stats such as evasion. Try equipping accessorites that work well with your play style.


Also located in Shinsando is Bar Heidrun, where Ringo and her allies can spend time together. These interactions where they converse and drink together are called Hangout Events, can completing them boosts your Soul Level with a given ally. Soul Levels represent the level of mutual understanding between allies.

Other than hanging out at the bar, Soul Levels can be increased by progressing the story. They say the increasing Soul Levels can grant some sort of boon.

Modify COMPs and equip accessorites to power up characters. Boost Soul Levels and deepen your relationships with your allies!

The video also gives Ringo's perspective on Figue and herself, and how they view the relationships between humans.

Soul Hackers 2 is set to release on August 26 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. For more information you can check out: