Valkyrie Elysium set to release on September 29 for PS5/PS4 & November 11 for Steam; Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth gets PlayStation port

Square Enix has announced that Valkyrie Elysium will release on September 29 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The PC (Steam) release will follow on November 11.

Additionally, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth - the PSP port of the first game in the series - will also be available on the same day for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. It will be available as a standalone purchase [PSN Store], as well as included in a $74.99 Digital Deluxe Edition for Valkyrie Elysium [PSN Store]. However, Lenneth will not see a Steam release. Square Enix Japan also announced that this port will include new 'rewind' and 'quick save' features. 

More details for the available Valkyrie Elysium special editions can be found in the press release below. Screenshots can be found in the gallery.

In a new trailer for Valkyrie Elysium, we see plenty of action-based combat, a few of the Einherjar allies the Valkyrie will call upon, as well as some familiar references to Norse Mythology, such as one of the Four Treasures Gungnir, as well as the god-like wolf Fenrir.



Valkyrie Elysium was originally announced in a PlayStation State of Play presentation this past March, and is an action RPG spinoff of the Valkyrie Profile series. Unlike the Valkyrie Profile titles, which were developed by tri-Ace, Valkyrie Elysium is developed by Soleil instead. Characters are designed by Yuya Nagai of CyDesignation, while Motoi Sakuraba returns to compose.

Over the weekend, Square Enix Japan also announced that The DioField Chronicle is set to release on September 29. While this date hasn't technically been confirmed for the western launch, it seems more than likely. And with Forspoken and Star Ocean The Divine Force set to launch in the month that follows, Square Enix is setting itself up for a busy Fall season.

Press Release

Square Enix announced today that Valyrie Elysium, an all-new action-RPG in the Valyrie series, will release on September 29, 2022 on PlayStation 5 (PS5) and PlayStation 4 (PS4) consoles, and on November 11, 2022 on Steam. Developed by Soleil Ltd., Valykrie Elysium draws on the richness of Norse mythology to present an original story set in a world on the brink of destruction, full of danger and fast-paced action combat. A digital port of the PSP classic, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, will also be released on the 29th of September for PS5 and PS4.

Valkyrie Elysium will be available as a physical and digital Standard Edition on PS5 and PS4, with a digital-only Standard Edition available on PC via Steam. A Digital Deluxe Edition will also be available on all platforms.

The PS5 and PS4 Digital Deluxe Editions include the following:

  • 72-hour early access to the full game
  • In-game item “Svartaljr: Sword of the Goddess of the Underworld"
  • A digital version of Valkyrie Profile: Lennth (PS4/5 version*), the beloved first entry in the Valkyrie series available at last on modern consoles.

Square Enix have also offered pre-order bonuses for each platform, as follows:

  • PS5 and PS4:
    • In-game item “Alscir: Sword of the God of Light” **
    • Valkyrie Elysium Avatar.***
  • STEAM:
    • 72-hour early access rights
    • Original wallpapers

The Steam Digital Deluxe Edition includes an in-game item, “Svartaljr: Sword of the Goddess of the Underworld.

Additionally, customers who purchase Valkyrie Elysium for PS4 can also download the PS5 version of the game****.

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Valkyrie ProfileL Lenneth will also be available as a separate purchase

**Exclusive PSN digital pre-order incentive

*** Exclusive physical pre-order incentive; not included if pre-ordering a digital copy of the game. A physical PS5/4 version of the game can be pre-ordered through select retailers.

**** Purchasing a  digital  version of this game will allow you to download both the PS5 and PS4 versions of the game. If you already own either the physical or digital PS4 version of this game, you can get the PS5 digital version at no extra cost. Owners of a PS4 disc copy must insert it into the PS5 every time they want to download or play the PS5 digital version. PS4 game disc owners who buy the PS5 Digital Edition disc-free console will not be able to get the PS5 version at no extra cost.

Game Overview

About Valkyrie Elysium

Valkyrie Elysium is the latest title in the “Valkyrie” series that depicts the “death of humankind” and “the existence of gods” with a unique worldview based on Norse mythology. Motoi Sakuraba’s masterful tracks enhance the new “Valkyrie” world drawn in high-end graphics. As the first action RPG of its series, it retains the familiar special attacks and combo system while taking it to the next level with a new three-dimensional, fast-paced battle system.




(Voiced by Holli Dempsey in English, Akari Kito in Japanese)

“If the will to fight still lingers within you, then accept my offer and join me.”

The protagonist of this title. Summoned by Odin to save the world, she is tasked with the mission of purifying the souls roaming Midgard.



(Voiced by Michael Shaeffer in English, Kenjiro Tsuda in Japanese)

“I, Odin the All-Father, command you... Become my tool of intervention, and save this world from doom.”

The supreme god of all things. He is unable to move freely after being injured in battle with Fenrir.



(Voice by Kate Kennedy in English, Ryuusei Nakao in Japanese)

“So we meet at last, little Valkyrie. Oh, how I have longed for this moment...”

Harbors an immense hatred towards Odin and pulls strings behind the scenes in order to take everything from him.



“Oh, you poor soul. Well, if you wish to die, I am happy to oblige!”

A mysterious woman who appears in the way of Valkyrie and her cohorts time and time again. She is clad in black armor, but also appears to be a Valkyrie…


Einherjar are spirits that serve Valkyrie. In this title, the story revolves around the dynamics between Valkyrie and Einherjar.


In battle, they fight alongside Valkyrie, and play a supporting role, assisting in combos and imbuing elements while summoned. By using Einherjar skillfully, players can gain an advantage in battle.



(Voiced by Stewart Clarke in English, Toru Inada in Japanese).

An Einherjar that fights with a large sword. When alive, he was a knight serving a certain country.



(Voiced by Angus Imrie in English, Akira Ishida in Japanese)

An Einherjar that wields a bow and dual blades. A former slave trader.


Worldview: A scenario that depicts the unjustness and irrationality of the world within a unique worldview based on Norse mythology.

Soundtrack: The music for this title is handled by Motoi Sakuraba, who has composed the soundtracks for all the titles in this series.

Battle: As the first action RPG in the series, the battles have evolved to become intuitive and three-dimensional. Along with Einherjar who fight alongside Valkyrie, familiar special moves from the series and combo systems are still in place. On top of this, new elements have been added to allow players to enjoy a variety of action-packed and engaging battles.

Upgrade and Customization Features: Upgrade your weapons, skills, and Einherjar/Divine Arts combos to customize your playstyle.

Valkyrie Elysium Screenshots and Artwork
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Screenshots