Makai Wars will shut down on October 21

Nippon Ichi Software will shut down the Japanese mobile game Makai Wars on October 21. The company made the announcement through the game's Twitter account, which is written in the protagonist Asagi's style of speech.

Makai Wars is the game where the protagonist is Asagi, who often makes cameo appearances in Disgaea and Nippon Ichi's other games. The title was originally planned to be a console game for PlayStation 3, but Nippon Ichi eventually changed it to become a mobile game instead. It eventually launched in Japan in mid-February 2018. It has lasted for four and half years as of this shutdown announcement.

But in recent months, it is becoming clear that Disgaea RPG is the preferred go-to mobile game for Nippon Ichi. The company worked with Boltrend to release the global English localization of Disgaea RPG for mobile devices and PC via Steam; neither of which were ever made for Makai Wars. The Japanese Twitter account for Disgaea RPG is also still actively publishing new content, with the latest one being an Attack on Titan crossover event, while the Makai Wars account only published maintenance notices and bug fixes prior to the end-of-service announcement.