Megaton Musashi Cross launches as a F2P title for PS4 & Switch on December 1 in Japan

Level-5 announced the release date for Megaton Musashi Cross at their Tokyo Game Show 2022 stream, while showcasing its new features. The follow-up to the mecha action RPG Megaton Musashi will launch as a free-to-play title for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on December 1.

The stream showed some of the new features that will be available in Cross, such as the multiplayer PvP battle, aerial movement, and the new boss Big Tank. It also gave a sneak peek of Mazinger Z's appearance in the game. When the full set is used, the super robot will have its own unique flying animation. The full launch will also include its signature attacks like Rocket Punch and Breast Fire, as well as those of Getter Robo.

Level-5 initially planned to release a paid major expansion to Megaton Musashi, which launched as a paid physical and digital game in November 2021 in Japan. However, the company later changed gears and decided to release it as a free-to-play game. It will include the original game and all of its updates while adding new content from the anime's second season, which will start airing on October 7.

Find the new trailer and the recorded Tokyo Game Show 2022 stream for Level-5's Megaton Musashi right below. The free-to-play game will be available in the Japanese PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop on December 1. An English localization for this title has not been announced.