New Dragon Quest Treasures screenshots detail Erik & Mia's base & facilities, treasure vault, dispatch missions, and more

Square Enix has released new screenshots and information for Dragon Quest Treasures, detailing Erik & Mia's base and its facilities - including a treasure vault, worker dormitory, cafeteria, and shops.

The details can be found below with screenshots in the gallery, via Square Enix.

Dragon Quest Treasures is set to release on December 9 for Nintendo Switch. For more information on the game, you can check out our hands-on preview of the game, or:

This time around we take a closer look at Erik and Mia's treasure-hunting gang, as well as the base where they prepare for their forays into Draconia.

No Gang Is Complete Without A Base!


With the threat of rival treasure-hunting crews looming large, Erik and Mia form a gang of their own and even manage to snag a base of operations. Every piece of loot they acquire adds to the total value of their treasure vault. When this value hits a certain point, their gang will go up a rank, unlocking new treasure-hunting abilities and the option to add to the base's amenities. The best way to build a bigger and better gang is to collect as much treasure as possible!


Now that their flag is raised, it's official— Erik and Mia's gang has its own base!

As the base grows and their skills improve, Erik and Mia will soon be swimming in treasure!

Wanna Join My Gang?

The gang's membership is made up of the monster inhabitants of Draconia. As you explore the different islands, you'll encounter many monsters that wish to join your ranks. Take the treasure you find together back to base, where it will be appraised and added to the vault. As the total value of the treasure in your vault goes up, so will your gang's rank, bringing with it a great range of benefits for a budding explorer.


The name of your gang is entirely up to you! Once you've settled on a great name, it's time to choose the perfect flag for your gang. More flags can be unlocked by defeating rival gangs or exploring the farflung reaches of Draconia

Purrsula is a mysterious creature who advises Erik and Mia and helps them to form their gang.
After battle, some monsters will be inspired to join your gang.
As the value of your treasure vault goes up, so will your gang's rank. Each new rank comes with a host of benefits to make you a better treasure hunter, as well as adding bonus multipliers to the value of the loot you bring back.

Facilitation Station!

As Erik and Mia explore Draconia, they come across an unusual island that was once home to the HQ of the Trans-Draconic Railway Company. One of its loyal employees, Mr Euston, agrees to let them use the island as their base. From there, Erik and Mia plan for their adventures, organising the monsters in their party and even sending teams of monsters on missions to bring back loot. The old storeroom is the perfect place for the siblings to display their favourite treasures. The base can be expanded with more facilities, turning it into a central hub for treasure hunting!

An old, broken-down train is made operational again thanks to Erik and Mia's trusty Dragon Daggers!
Mr Euston is an employee of the TransDraconic Railway Company who dreams of restoring the rail network to its former glory. He lets Erik and Mia use the company HQ as their base, but only in exchange for their help. Mr Euston agrees to let Erik and Mia use the company HQ as a base, but only if they help him to re-establish the railways.
Do a favour or two for certain monsters and they might decide to set up shop at the base!
Taking turns is key to a happy sibling relationship, so don't forget to switch between Erik and Mia at the base from time to time!

Building A Better Base

Facility 1: Treasure Vault

All the treasure Erik and Mia collect is stored in the vault. They can use the plinths there to display their favourite pieces for all the world to see.

Raising your gang's rank unlocks more plinths for displaying treasure.
Off-duty gang members will occasionally polish the treasure that's on display, raising its value further!

Facility 2: Worker Dormitory

Mr Muddimer is one of the few remaining railway employees and head of staff. Speak to him outside the dorms when you want to change your party or arrange a dispatch mission. Mr Muddimer will help you rearrange your party and assist when it's time to let go of monsters that aren't fulfilling their potential. When your gang rank is high enough, you'll earn the ability to send teams of monsters out on dispatch missions to all corners of Draconia.

Speak to Mr Muddimer to organise your party. If the dorms reach capacity, he's also on hand to help let go of any monsters you deem surplus to requirements.
Keep raising your gang's rank to unlock dispatch missions. These special expeditions allow you to send monsters all over Draconia in search of crafting materials and treasure.

Facility 3: Personnel Department

Miss Cecily is head of the railway company's personnel department. She handles the application process for monsters looking to join the gang. Once your gang's rank is high enough, she can also help set up additional facilities, like a shop, cafeteria, and pellet workshop.

Head to Miss Cecily's desk when you need a new recruit for the gang. She'll also inform you when new applications come in.
When it comes to useful new facilities, Miss Cecily is the woman to speak to. She'll even point you in the right direction when it comes to finding the perfect monsters to work there.

Facility 4: Item Shop


Bricky Rix is a merchant who sells food recipes and pellet formulae—as well as the materials for crafting them. As the story progresses, he'll begin to add new products to his line-up.

Bricky Rix stocks food recipes, pellet formulae and the materials needed to make them.

Facility 5: Cafeteria


Madame Blancmange is Draconia's premiere chef. From her cafeteria kitchen she creates mouth-watering meals to power up your monsters. She can also whip up rare delicacies...provided you give her the recipes!

Feeding your monsters can give them a quick stat boost, raise their resistances, and more.

Facility 6: Pellet Workshop


A former railway company mechanic and train builder, Axel uses his mechanic's knowhow to make catapult pellets for Erik and Mia. He stocks a range of pellets, and if you provide him with the formula, he can whip up some extra special projectiles for you.

Some pellets cause physical damage, while others are imbued with elemental attributes, such as wind or fire.

The Snarl

Draconia is an ancient land with many mysteries, and Erik and Mia's base is no exception. A maze of rooms extends deep below the ground, joined by a series of interconnected teleportals. Stranger still, the maze changes every time someone enters, with different enemies to fight and new rewards up for grabs. Only the bravest treasure hunters dare to plumb its deepest, darkest depths and discover its secrets!


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