Harvestella takes a look at the Holy Capital Argene, the mercenary Brakka, Faerie Orders, FEAR enemies, the Avenger & Pilgrim jobs, and more

Square Enix has provided new details on Harvestella. This time, the life simulation RPG delves into the season of winter with the Holy Capital Argene, a mysterious-looking new character, two new jobs, and several more mechanics.

As its name implies, Argene is a religious city that serves as the headquarters of the Seaslight Order. It is covered in snow and players will visit this city as they investigate the Winter Seaslight. The investigation is impeded when people are denied entry into the Divine Cave, but there's an underground passage that even the Order doesn't know about. The mysterious mercenary, Brakka, is involved in the events surrounding Argene. He is fully dressed in black clothing and arms himself with a firearm.

Faerie Orders are part of the daily life aspect of Harvestella. They are small requests that reward players for harvesting a specific crop, completing a certain amount of quests, making certain food, and more. Some Faerie Order rewards even speed up farming in a more efficient manner.

The Avenger and Pilgrim jobs were revealed as well. Avengers can dish out physical damage from a distance with a firearm, though they can eventually switch between fire and ice attacks eventually. Pilgrims wield a magic sword that have the capability of utilizing physical and magical attacks; several spells they learn take effect over a wide area.

As players explore dungeons, a powerful enemy called a "FEAR" may appear. They are substantially more powerful than regular enemies, though defeating them can earn players a powerful accessory as a reward. If a person is currently too weak to confront them, there are ways to avoid them altogether.

You can find the new details below. New screenshots can be found in the gallery.

Harvestella launches on November 4 for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). A demo is currently available for Nintendo Switch. For more information on Harvestella, you can check out:

Winter Location: Holy Capital Argene

A religious city covered in snow and home base of The Seaslight Order. Priests of the Order come to worship at the Divine Cave near Argene, where the Winter Seaslight is located


The protagonist and Aria visit the Holy Capital Argene to investigate the Winter Seaslight, but they are told that only those who have been given the "Flos-Indulgentia" are allowed entry into the Divine Cave where the Seaslight is located.


A priest of the Order says that since the Seaslight anomaly, he has been receiving oracles. The prophecy of a disaster in the near future has led many of the faithful to seek the Flos-Indulgentia, rumored to mark those who wear them as pure.

Argene's underground passage, which no one even in the Order knows about...?
Divine Seaslight Cave

Character - Brakka


Occupation: Mercenary

"Use force appropriate for the objective. That's what mercenaries do."

A mercenary in black. He fights with a mysterious weapon that fires flying bullets. He will take on any request as long as he is paid, but the price is rumored to be high...



Jobs have unique weapons and use characteristic skills. By recruiting a character with a certain job, the player-controlled protagonist will also become able to use that same job.


Avenger: A job that excels at physical attacks from a distance. The attribute of normal attacks can be switched between fire and ice depending on skill.


Pilgrim: A job that performs physical and magical attacks with a magic sword. Players learn skills that deal wide-ranged attacks or set up fields that continuously cause damage.

Daily Life

Fairie Orders


A "fire faerie" suddenly appears at home. It seems to have something to do with the Seaslight... The faerie, who claims that other types exist other than "fire", says it will help the protagonist work in the fields.


You can check the "Faerie Orders" from the Faerie Book in your home. By reporting the orders that have been completed, you can earn rewards that will help you in various ways.

Speeding Up Farming Tasks and Leveling Up Fields

By completing many fairy requests, you can plow large areas of fields at once, or water, sow, and harvest all at once, making farming even easier! Also, by leveling up your fields, you can increase the probability of harvesting high quality crops, which can be shipped at a higher price, or used to make high quality food.

Charged Watering
Charged Harvest

The "water biome" and "cave biome" can also be unlocked by helping the fairies linked to each Seaslight.


Special Winter Produce

Some produce can be harvested all year round, while some kinds of fruit and vegetables can only be harvested in a particular season! Savour the seasonal work on the farm and cuisine particular to each season. And there's more to winter crops and cooking! You can also make processed products using seasonal crops.

Break Time


Eating a meal during an adventure with your party members will sometimes result in a special storyline, as well as triggering food effects that are better than usual. Depending on the food you eat, you may see an unexpected side to the characters.



In some dungeons, there may be powerful roaming enemies called "FEAR", that are clearly different from ordinary enemies. They are formidable opponents that you won't be able to defeat if your party is weak, but if you defeat them, you may be able to obtain powerful accessories.


Even paths that seemingly require defeating FEAR to proceed can sometimes be avoided by using field effects. Use them to your advantage to move forward