PSO2: New Genesis "The Hellfire Vanguard" Stia Region update arrives this December, Creative Space update in Spring 2023

At the October 2022 NGS Headline stream, Sega published teaser trailers for a couple of major updates coming to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. "The Hellfire Vanguard" update will arrive first this December, and the Creative Space update will follow in Spring 2023. The former will add the volcanic Stia Region, which is also the fourth and last terrestrial region known in the planet Halpha to date.

As with the last two major updates, the fourth chapter will also introduce more story characters. The Stia Advance Team has been stationed in the region long before the player arrives there. The team is being led by a male Deuman named Glen (voiced in Japanese by Kenjiro Tsuda and English by Kevin K. Gomez). He is also accompanied by his adjutant, a Caseal (female CAST) named Kanui (voiced in Japanese by Akari Kito and English by Laura Post).

In addition, Sega also published a teaser trailer for the much-requested New Genesis rendition of the customizable Personal and Alliance Quarters from the original PSO2. The Creative Space will let players design buildings and landscapes either on their own or with other friends. This feature is slated to appear with an update patch in Spring 2023.

Find the full English archive for the NGS Headline stream right below. The Stia region update trailer is available at the 24:30 mark, and the Creative Space trailer at 31:00.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 4 (with PS5 backwards compatibility support). Japan has the online game available on Nintendo Switch with a cloud version in lieu of the Xbox releases.