Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line is getting a free demo on February 1

Square Enix has announced that a free demo for Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line will launch on February 1 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Progress made in the demo can transfer to the full game. Details about the demo, and which tracks are included, can be found below, via Square Enix.

Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line is set to release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on February 16. For more on the game, you can check out:


Welcome to another THEATRHYTHM THURSDAY… oh wait, it’s Monday, isn’t it?

We interrupt our regular schedule to bring new some super-exciting news: a free Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line demo launches February 1, 2023 on PS4 and Nintendo Switch! Not only that, but your progress carries over into the full game!

Read on, and we'll tell you all about it.

What songs are in the Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line demo?

Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line is the biggest rhythm action game in the series, with a massive 385 Final Fantasy tracks in the standard edition alone - plus 27 more in the Deluxe Editions. Plus, there will be multiple DLC packs featuring music from other Square Enix series, like NieR, Octopath Traveler, Live A Live, Mana, SaGa and more.

That’s a lot of music, and the demo gives you a generous selection of 30 tracks from that massive playlist.

Music Stages in the game fall into three types:

  • Battle Music Stage (BMS) - Defeat waves of enemies in time to up-tempo battle themes.

  • Field Music Stage (FMS) - Journey forth with a party across themed landscapes with relaxing field music.

  • Event Music Stage (EMS) - Play to the beat against the backdrop of unforgettable scenes from each title.

Here’s which tracks are included in the demo - and the type of stage you’ll play through:


  • The Rebel Army (BMS)
  • Battle 1 (BMS)
  • Town (FMS)
  • Main Theme (FMS)


  • Main Theme of Final Fantasy V (BMS)
  • Four Hearts (FMS)
  • Battle 1 (BMS)
  • Battle 2 (BMS)
  • Mambo de Chocobo (FMS)
  • Harvest (FMS)


  • Opening - Bombing Mission (BMS)
  • Let the Battles Begin! (BMS)
  • Fight On! (BMS)
  • The Chase (FMS)
  • Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (FMS)


  • Defiers of Fate (BMS)
  • Saber’s Edge (BMS)
  • Blinded by Light (BMS)
  • March of the Dreadnoughts (FMS)
  • Desperate Struggle (BMS)


  • Hard to Miss (BMS)
  • On Westerly Winds (FMS)
  • The Land Breathes (BMS)
  • Serenity (FMS)
  • Torn from the Heavens (BMS)
  • To the Sun (FMS)
  • Nemesis (BMS)


  • Stand Your Ground (BMS)
  • The Fight Is On! (BMS)
  • APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS (Uncovered Trailer) (BMS)

How do I get the Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line demo?

The demo will be available to download from 1 February, 2023 (technically 31 January for some parts of the world):

  • Jan 31, 2023: 21:00 PST
  • Feb 1, 2023: 00:00 EST
  • Feb 1, 2023, 00:00 GMT
  • Feb 1, 2023: 01:00 CET
  • Feb 1, 2023: 11:00 AEDT

It’s free, so to get it, simply head over to the PlayStation Store or Nintendo eShop from then to start downloading it.

I played the demo and, wow - this game is really fun! How do I play more?

It is really fun! While the demo has a generous selection, it’s only a fraction of the amazing music in the final game, which is available from 16 February, 2023.

Plus you’ll enjoy the full suite of game modes, including Series Quests, where you can relive 29 past titles through their music and gain new songs and characters, the Multi Battle mode, the packed-out Museum and more!

And, of course, all your progress carries over to the main game, so those amazing scores you set now will still be there when you play!

The game’s available to preorder now. Three editions will be available at launch:

  • Standard Edition: Available physically and digitally, this contains 385 sounds from across the Final Fantasy series
  • Digital Deluxe Edition: Contains all songs from the standard edition, plus 27 additional tracks, and Season Pass 1.
  • Premium Digital Deluxe Edition: Contains all songs from the standard edition, plus 27 additional tracks, and Season Passes 1-3.

These editions are available to preorder now. All digital pre-orders include a set of 15 ProfiCards that can be used in-game.