Sting confirms Yggdra Union to release for Nintendo Switch on July 27; announces Riviera remaster

Sting has made two separate announcements regarding two releases in the company's "Dept. Heaven" series of tactical RPGs.

Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone


Sting has announced that the Yggdra Union remaster will launch digitally on the Nintendo Switch eShop on July 27 in the West. That is also the day the game will leave Steam's Early Access program on PC, allowing players to purchase the full release at its suggested retail price. 

The remaster first came to PC via Steam's Early Access program in February 2023. Though already feature complete at the time, Sting said that it chose to place the game in Early Access in order to test and implement new features with the assistance of the community. Those features included functions like a turn Rewind, free and auto saves, a conversation backlog, voice language switching, keyboard and mouse support, and optional cheats. The Switch version will include most of these functions, as well.

Yggdra Union is the 2nd game in the Dept. Heaven series, and the remaster originally released in Japan for Nintendo Switch in March 2020.

Riviera: The Promised Land


Sting's official Japanese website also put out a new press release announcing the HD remaster of its 2002 RPG Riviera: The Promised Land. It first arrived on the Wonderswan Color in Japan, then was localized and released on the Game Boy Advance and PSP by Atlus. Riviera was the first game in the Dept. Heaven Series. No official release date, platform, or English release of Riviera's remaster has been confirmed at this time.

Over the last several years, Sting has remastered multiple entries in the series for play on modern platforms. Remasters of Blaze Union, Knights in the Nightmare, and Gloria Union have been released in Japan, though so far only the Yggdra Union remaster has been confirmed for international audiences.