Ys Origin receives new language update on PC, over ten years after Steam launch

XSEED Games announced today that Ys Origin's PC version on Steam and GOG has been updated to support French, Italian, German, and Spanish languages. Ys Origin originally launched on PC in the west back in May of 2012. Later console versions of the games handled by DotEmu (PS4/VitaXBONSW) originally supported these languages, but they were never previously back-ported to the PC release that preceded them.

In addition, the game is currently on sale for 75% off on both Steam and GOG, which is a good deal for a good game that we've reviewed twice.

Seven hundred years before the events of Ys I & II, the land of Ys was on the brink of destruction. Demons came in droves and forced the twin Goddesses who ruled the land to whisk their subjects away from the surface, into the safe embrace of the clouds. The demons were persistent, however, erecting a massive tower in pursuit. One day, amidst this turmoil, the Goddesses stole away into the night, vanishing from Ys altogether. And there's only one place they could have gone: the Devil's Tower. A search party of knights and sorcerers was hastily formed and dispatched in hopes of retrieving these runaway deities. Among its members were apprentice knight Yunica Tovah and troubled sorcerer Hugo Fact, and this is their story as each remembers it.