RPG Maker With will also come to PlayStation 5 and 4 later than Nintendo Switch

Kadokawa and Gotcha Gotcha Games have announced that they will also release RPG Maker With for PlayStation 5 and 4. The release date for the new PlayStation versions has yet to be confirmed though, so they will come later than the initial release for Nintendo Switch. They have yet to provide any new screenshots either, as all of them are still using the Switch's controller layout.

RPG Maker With will be the series' newest entry that lets console players create their own RPGs with the provided assets. As reported previously, it will have a new Asset Sharing feature where players can share portions of game assets like maps and items to help other players create their own games.

As a side note, PCs already have their own robust entries with tons of customization and plugin support. The latest entry RPG Maker Unite, which is Unity-based, is now available exclusively on the Unity Asset Store.

Gotcha Gotcha Games will release RPG Maker With for Nintendo Switch first on April 11 in Japan. While the PlayStation 5 and 4 versions are now confirmed, they have yet to confirm the release date for those platforms. The company has not announced either on whether this game will have an English localization like RPG Maker MV (Trinity) released or not.