Astra: Knights of Veda launches on April 2 for mobile devices and PC

Publisher Hybe IM and developer Flint have announced that Astra: Knights of Veda will launch on April 2 for Google Play, iOS App Store, and PC (Steam).

We previewed Astra: Knights of Veda last fall, and while we were impressed with the game's visual style, we came away concerned with its monetization. 

A pre-registration trailer and description can be found below. For more information, you can check out the announcement information or the gameplay/character trailer.

Fantasy is inherently brutal, yet therein lies its haunting beauty. Astra: Knights of Veda soars beyond the boundaries of fantasy as you know it.

The continent wilts under the tyranny of 'Mad King' Magnus, shrouded in death and anguish. Guided by Veda's wings, the new 'Master of the Book' steps out into the darkness. Embark on an adventure through a world filled with mystery and allure, and turn to the beginning of a grand tale of fate entwined.

Once a thriving world, Planis teeters on the edge of oblivion due to the tyrannical rule of the mad king, Magnus. An army raised to free the masses from the madness of Magnus was met with the event that would doom them all. A giant tree of death rose from the ground, causing those within its deadly bloom to consume the flesh of their allies, and others to burst into monstrous beasts.
The goddess Veda descended onto the world, selecting a new champion who would help rid the world of its curse. You, and the other Knights of Veda, are the only ones who can bring normality back to the world.

Explore the world of Planis!

Journey through this dark medieval fantasy world. Fatal challenges await in all corners of the world. Endless undead and beasts charge at you in the Nightmare, and difficult bosses wait in their Sealed Prisons. Stand alone and fight these monstrosities, and get rewards to make your Knights of Veda stronger.

Tactical, stylish 2D combat

The fate of Planis could be decided by a single skill, a timely dodge, or a powerful flurry of blows. Relive the golden era of 2D side-scrolling action adventure games. Harness the powers of your Knights of Veda and control the Overflowing Power of the Stars to challenge the monstrosities that stand in your way. Experience a gritty action adventure that only Astra: Knights of Veda can deliver.

A Fantasy world brought to life through stunning artwork

A dark yet enchanting art style drips through every facet of Astra: Knights of Veda! The fantasy world of Astra: Knights of Veda is brought to life through the meticulously designed Knights of Veda, the intricate relics and the overwhelmingly intimidating bosses.

Engaging stories that vividly come to life

Dive deeper into the adventure with expansive cutscenes that chronicle your epic journey! The Goddess Veda is ready to start a captivating adventure with you.