Honkai Star Rail Firefly trailers detail her abilities and past as a mecha pilot

A new set of trailers from HoYoVerse for Honkai: Star Rail expands a bit more on the past of Firefly, the game's next playable character. Firefly is a notable addition to the roster for Honkai Star Rail, as she played a major role in the Penacony story arc that launched with version 2.0 in February 2024. When the Honkai Star Rail version 2.3 update launches on June 19, 2024, players will gain the opportunity to try to get her via the game's Warp gacha system.

To commemorate her joining, HoYoVerse uploaded some new trailers giving players a preview of Firefly's abilities, and expanded on her backstory, particularly the period before she joined the Stellaron Hunters (the same organization playable characters Kafka, Blade, and Silver Wolf belong to) as "Sam."

"Presently, Beneath a Shared Sky of Stars" Myriad Celestia Firefly Trailer

The Myriad Celestia trailer features Firefly and several other members of the Iron Cavalry Knights: A group of genetically engineered soldiers bred to fight using armored suits. They fought for their nation, the Republic of Glamoth, against the Swarm, the insectoid faction formed from the Aeon of Propagation, Tayzzyronth. The brief short shows off some of the variety of mecha (called "Strategic Assault Mechs") used by the Iron Cavalry, as well as the organization's (loosely enforced) rule against allowing pilots to exit their suits.

"Embers of Glamoth" Firefly Trailer

The Embers of Glamoth animated short showcases the final stand by the Iron Cavalry Knights against the Swarm, and the moments before Firefly was found by Kafka to be recruited by the Stellaron Hunters.

"Keeping Up With Star Rail" Firefly Abilities Trailer

In a presentation covering Firefly's combat abilities, Owlbert and Yang detail Firefly's fighting style as a Fire-element Destruction character. Piloting her SAM armor, Firefly consumes her own HP to deal large amounts of fire damage to enemies and advance her turn forward. To help with survivability, she grows more resilient at low HP, and dispells debuffs when she reaches full Energy. Her Ultimate activates Complete Combustion, which advances her turn forward, boosts her stats considerably, and changes her basic attack and skill for several turns. Her enhanced basic will restore her HP, while her enhanced skill applies fire weakness to enemies and affects multiple targets.

Thanks in part to Firefly's ability to quickly break enemies' Weaknesses, she has particular synergy with the Trailblazer in Harmony path, which was introduced in the Honkai Star Rail version 2.2 update. This is because the Harmony Trailblazer's Backup Dancer feature adds onto Firefly's personal damage by adding a "Super Break" effect. Characters oriented towards enhancing Break Effect and Break Damage like Ruan Mei and Gallagher also have good synergy with Firefly.

Honkai Star Rail is available on PS5, PC, and mobile devices. The version 2.3 update launches on July 19, 2024.