BioWare is Making More Star Wars Games


Elecronic Arts and Disney have announced a new multi-year deal for the publishing giant to exclusively produce games based on the Star Wars media franchise. What's more, EA will use it's own studios DICE, Visceral Games, and (wait for it) BioWare to do so.

BioWare already has a fairly storied history with the franchise between Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic (directed by Mass Effect's Casey Hudson, don't you know) to the still maintained yet somewhat troubled MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. 

It will be interesting to see how BioWare handles their game (or games); Will they use veterans from KOTOR? Will they hire new creators? Will they just make KOTOR 3, outright? There's no word yet on any of this or whether any of these new games will simply utilize the Star Wars universe or adhere more closely to new trilogy of films Disney is releasing, specifically.

Currently BioWare Edmonton is developing Dragon Age III: Inquistion and a new IP, and BioWare Montreal is hard at work on the next Mass Effect.

Via VG247