Zelda: Breath of the Wild's second DLC will see you play as Link - and we now know when it's set

Fan hopes for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's second DLC to finally contain a starring playable role for Zelda in the series have been dashed - though with Nintendo beginning to talk about this story-driven DLC, we can at least get excited about other aspects of the planned content.

Minor spoilers for Breath of the Wild might be contained below - and we really do mean minor! That said, you've been warned.


Details revealed at the "Zelda Masterclass" panel at the Japan Expo convention in Paris also seemingly revealed when the DLC is set - a very brief video clip shown there and since released on twitter shows Zelda near a shrine, and later Zelda meeting what looks to be an extremely short leader of the Gerudo. 

Those who've played the games will figure that these facts mean that the DLC is likely to be set after the game and after the defeat of Ganon, since Shrines only appear once Link awakens and the original Gerudo Champion is the tall and stocky Urbosa, while Riju, the present-day champion, is short.

Fans had originally speculated that the DLC, The Champions Ballad, would follow Zelda and the original champions in a prequel setting. This now seems definitively to not be the case, with Zelda boss Eiji Aonuma also confirming the DLC would see you play as Link.

He also teased that the classic Lobster Shirt outfit from The Wind Waker would also be making a return in the DLC. This shirt was originally worn in the opening of Wind Waker, and could be kept on all the way through on your second play through.

The DLC has a Holiday 2017 release date, and the first DLC pack known as The Master Trials dropped earlier this month. It was pretty good, so we're naturally very excited for this.

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