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Watch the gameplay montage of Fire Emblem Warriors' Awakening characters

Koei Tecmo has uploaded a new gameplay montage trailer for their upcoming collaboration game Fire Emblem Warriors. This is the first part that showcases Fire Emblem Awakening characters revealed so far. You will see the following characters in order: Chrom, Male Robin, Cordelia, Frederick, Lucina, Female Robin, and Lissa.

In the trailer, you can check out each character's combo attacks and Warrior Special (aka Musou) attacks. Also, since this trailer is focused on Fire Emblem Awakening, you can also listen to Koei Tecmo's own remix of Awakening's Conquest BGM, which will be also included in the original soundtrack CD in the game's Special Edition.

Fire Emblem Warriors will be released for Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS on September 28 in Japan and Asia, and on October 20 in North America and Europe. You can also read the newest information we've compiled from this week's Famitsu magazine here.

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