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SaGa Scarlet Grace: Scarlet Ambition details new elements

Square Enix has posted new information and media for SaGa Scarlet Grace: Scarlet Ambition, including a new developer interview that shows off the game running on various platforms - PS4, Switch, Steam, and mobile devices. Scarlet Ambition is a re-release of SaGa Scarlet Grace, which originally launched on PlayStation Vita in Japan back in 2016.

The footage shows off each version of the game, including in portable mode on the Switch. The bump to a 60fps frame-rate is certainly a considerable boost comparable to the Vita release. The enhanced port also includes several additions such as new music, voice work for characters, and several new events & side quests. The combat system also incorporates many more skills, formations, secret bosses, and other new enemies.

The re-release includes a handful of new characters as well, including the witch hunter Camelia and the weapon master Sabit. You can find them and many more images in the gallery.

Other new additions include a trade-in shop in various towns, which allows to player to sell off unneeded items for cash. However, the is a limit on how many items can be traded in.

Additionally, characters can be sent out on dispatch missions to fulfill various requests, rewarding the player various compensation. Characters sent out on these missions cannot participate in battle during the dispatch period.

Like classic SaGa titles, SaGa Scarlet Grace follows a multifaceted narrative that is told from the perspective of multiple protagonists. New to the upcoming re-release, players can fill out a survey at the onset of the game to choose which scenarios they have already cleared in the original game, so that new events which require those completions can be seen without having to redo them in the re-release. A New Game + functionality also allows players to carry over progress to new playthroughs, keeping things like batle formations, cleared scenarios, enemy info, and skills.

SaGa Scarlet Grace: Scarlet Ambition is set to release in Japan on August 2 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and mobile devices. While there are no concrete details yet, a localization for the game is planned. In case you missed it, you can find the opening movie here

SaGa Scarlet Grace Screenshots and Artwork

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