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Pokemon Quest passes 1 million downloads

Pokemon Quest may only have been out for just a few days - and only on one platform - but the cute little RPG Pokemon spin-off is already off to an enormous flying start.

It's today been revealed that Pokemon Quest has already passed 1 million downloads - pretty strong numbers for under a week! The news of how well the game was doing was revealed by the official 'Poke Times' twitter account, a Pokemon news service account ran out of Japan.

Pokemon Quest launched earlier this week, though right now it's only available on one platform: the Nintendo Switch. Versions for Android and iOS devices are also set to arrive in June, and when that happens it's likely Pokemon fever partially spurred on by Pokemon Go will drive even greater growth of this neat little spin-off title that sees you gathering ingredients and cooking meals to attract and recruit Pokemon to your team before sending them out on RPG dungeon crawling style expeditions.

If you're just starting out with Pokemon Quest or are about to initiate that free download to see what it's all about, we've got a bunch of pages right here on RPG Site set to help you get to grips with its mechanics:

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