Star Ocean: Anamnesis update adds four new characters and a new limited event

Star Ocean: Anamnesis' first update has just released. This 415mb patch introduces four new characters to the roster and the "Jie Revorse" limited time event. Reimi, Clair, Millie, and Roddick are the new additions, each having their own unique talents which you can read about in the gallery below. These characters currently have an increased chance up when pulling for them using the draw feature in Star Ocean: Anamnesis, it only lasts for another thirteen days so if you're interested in a higher chance at adding these characters to your party now is a great time to pull for them.

Additionally, the Jie Revorse limited time event can net players even more rewards upon completion. Draw tickets, weapons, limit breaker crystals, and more can be obtained after collecting the special currency for this event and redeeming it through the item exchange. The Jie Revorse event will only be available until August 7, 2:00 AM PST.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis Characters

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