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Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X joins Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as a rare blade for expansion pass owners

Revealed during a Nintendo stream at Gamescom 2018, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 expansion pass owners will get access to two new rare blades: Elma and Korvin. Elma is ostensibly the primary heroine of Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U, and joins Kos-Mos, T-elos, and Shulk and Fiora as cameo characters to appear in the title as rare blades. Elma will be unlockable once "Otherworldly Fighter" is cleared in the Land of Challenge.


Elma will also come with Uncontrollable from the Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack, similar to how Shulk and Fiora will play the track You Will Know Our Names from Xenoblade Chronicles when used in battle.  We also got a first look at another rare blade, Corvin, who will also be available to expansion pass owners. Corvin seems to be the last remaining blade from the silhouettes revealed back in March, the others being Poppi-Buster and Crossette. Corvin is another rare blade capable of using Smash attacks. 


Here are the full patch notes:

  • Changes and New Features
    • Added functionality to receive Corvin, the third and final round of rare blades from the Expansion Pass.
      • A core crystal is available that will guarantee bonding with Corvin. Corvin possess the following characteristics:
        • Weapon type: Uchigatana
        • Element: Light
        • Role: Defense
      • Drivers bonded with Corvin become able to use an art with the reaction “Smash.”
    • Added functionality to the Expansion Pass to receive new challenges for the “Challenge Battle: Nopondemonium” called “Otherworldly Fighter” and “Poisoned Paradise.”
      • “Otherworldly Fighter” features a battle against Elma, from the game Xenoblade Chronicles X. Clearing this challenge will allow Elma to join your party as a blade.
      • Pressing the R and Minus buttons at the same time when all three bars of Elma’s party gauge are full will consume all three bars and engage her Overdrive ability.
      • While Overdrive is active, a counter is applied to all attack arts and specials that hit. As the counter goes up, the effect of the following three bonuses increases: damage boost, an Arts recharge boost from auto-attacks, and a decrease in enemy resistance to reactions and combos.
      • Add this challenge by selecting the following options from the main menu: Expansion Pass, Gift from Zuo 3, Nopon Summons, Pt. 2. The challenge is available from Chapter 6 onward.
    • “Flawless Noponstone” has been added as an item available from treasure chests in the “Challenge Battle: Nopondemonium” of the Expansion Pass.
      • To make this item available, select the following options from the main menu: Expansion Pass, Gift from Zuo 3, Nopon Invitation, Pt. 2.
      • Flawless Noponstones can be earned during any of the challenges.
    • Added items that can be acquired in exchange for Flawless Noponstones to the “Challenge Battle: Nopondemonium” section of the Expansion Pass.
      • Some of these items will slightly alter character outfits. Included in these items are “swimsuits” that will aid in completing the challenge “Poisoned Paradise.”
      • Certain items for Nia and Zeke will become available from Chapter 8 onward. (These items will be available from the start when playing New Game Plus.)
      • Mòrag’s swimsuit may cause her hairstyle to change in certain event scenes.
    • A Pouch Item Emporium and Noponstone exchanger have also been added to the “Challenge Battle: Nopondemonium” section of the Expansion Pass.
      • Noponstones can be exchanged for Flawless Noponstones using the Noponstone exchanger.
    • The track “Uncontrollable” from Xenoblade Chronicles X has been added to the options available when choosing which music will play during battles with unique monsters via the “Special BGM” selection.
      • To listen to the Special BGM tracks, the blade Elma, available via the Expansion Pass, must already be added to the party.
      • When Elma and either Shulk or Fiora are in the party, the BGM for the blade engaged with the player character will be given priority.
      • When Elma and Shulk or Fiora are of the same priority, the BGM that plays will be selected at random.

The Elma and Corvin update will be live later today. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country releases on September 14. 

Elma and Corvin Screenshots and Artwork




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