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God Eater 3 will be released first in Japan on December 13

Bandai Namco has published a new trailer for God Eater 3 at today's PlayStation Lineup Tour show in Japan. While the trailer shows some more new story characters that haven't been introduced yet, the biggest news from this trailer is that they have finally confirmed a release date for one of the platforms.

At the same time in Japan, it has also been announced that early buyers of God Eater 3 are entitled to receive a cute bonus costume Vajra-kun [Beast God] that can be worn by the player avatar. There is also a limited Collector's Edition which will come packaged with the original soundtrack CD, an original art book, and a serial code to download another bonus costume Vajra-kun [Emperor] which seems to be loosely based on God Eater Resurrection's Dyaus Pita.

Bandai Namco Europe has also published the trailer with English subtitles, which also reveals the release timeframe for Western releases. You can watch it right below.

God Eater 3 will be released for PlayStation 4 and Steam worldwide. The Japanese PlayStation 4 version will be released first on December 13, 2018, while the Steam version and the Western release will be available later in early 2019.

A playable demo of God Eater 3 will be available at Tokyo Game Show 2018 which is happening later this month on September 20-23. Bandai Namco will also hold a live talk show for the game on Saturday, which will have the Japanese voice actors of Zeke Pennywort and Lulu Baran as guests.

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