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Azur Lane Crosswave adds HMS Illustrious and HMS Ajax to the roster

Compile Heart has delivered a new information batch for Azur Lane Crosswave, the upcoming 3D naval battle RPG for PlayStation 4 which is based on the popular ship girl mobile game Azur Lane. While this information is not as large as the last two batches, they have confirmed that this game's character roster will add two popular ship girls from the Royal Navy faction: the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious and the light cruiser HMS Ajax.

This announcement was made by publishing a short trailer that shows the character and ship rig design art for both ship girls. These designs will also be available to view in the artbook that comes with the game's limited edition.

Azur Lane Crosswave will be released for PlayStation 4 in 2019 in Japan. An English localization for this game has not been announced as of yet. Through the official Japanese Twitter account, Compile Heart informed that they will release the next information batch for this game in April.

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