Super Robot Wars T gameplay features explained in more detail

Bandai Namco has published new information for Super Robot Wars T, which explains the gameplay features of this upcoming mecha crossover strategy RPG. While these had been previously explained briefly in the latest trailer, this batch brings more details to the additions and improvements made to the gameplay system.

Supporter Command

A brand-new feature to the series that lets non-pilot supporting characters contribute buffs to allied units. This feature uses the new S-SP points which are half-filled at the beginning of a chapter and raises by 5 per turn. The same command cannot be used more than once per turn.

More commands will be available as the player progresses through the game's storyline. Here are some examples of supporter commands that are available in Super Robot Wars T:

  • Hacking (Ed from Cowboy Bebop)
    Costs 30 S-SP, Increases all units' accuracy stat by 20 for 1 turn
  • Deeper than the Sea (Rain from Mobile Fighter G Gundam)
    Costs 40 S-SP, Recovers a pilot's SP by 40 points
  • Puupupuu (Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearth)
    Costs 40 S-SP, Increases a unit's ExC (Extra Count needed for Extra Actions and Extra Orders) by 1
  • Funds Collection (Gouto, Vanilla, & Cocona from Armored Trooper Votoms)
    All funds obtained from destroying enemies are multiplied by 1.2x for 1 turn

TAC Management

The TAC Customization feature from SRW V and Magic Customization feature from SRW X returns here with a new name. This feature will give permanent buffs to all allied units deployed in battles. There are up to 6 grades available here, and each grade offers 3 different buffs, but only one of them can be chosen.

Grade 1 (costs 300 TacP)

  • TacP Advance - Increases the Training sub-order slot by 1
  • Double Advance - Increases both Simulator and Patrol sub-order slots by 1 each
  • Cost Advance - Increases the Funds sub-order slot by 1

Grade 2 (costs 600 TacP)

  • SP Arise - Increases default  pilot SP recovery rate per turn from 5 to 8
  • Repair Arise - Recover HP and EN for all allied units by 10% at the start of ally phase
  • Force Arise - Raises all pilot's Focus by 2 at the start of ally phase

Sub Orders

The feature that lets pilots gain kill count, experience, and funds outside of battles is also returning here. But while previous games only allowed this feature for pilots who did not sortie in the previous battle, SRW T removes this restriction and thus allows even pilots who just sortied in the last battle to be placed here as well. While originally there are only 5 slots available for each category, the aforementioned TAC Management system will enable you to unlock more additional slots up to 8.

There is also a new Special Order slot which is available after fulfilling certain requirements, but only one pilot can be placed here. The actual result is randomly picked from the following examples:

  • Focused Training - Raises the pilot's experience points by 2500
  • Shotdown King Raising - Raises the pilot's kill count by 10
  • Melee Drill - Raises the pilot's melee stat by 10
  • Shooting Drill - Raises the pilot's shooting stat by 10

Skill Learning

TacP can also be used to purchase Skill Programs which allow pilots to learn additional skills. While SRW V and SRW X had a Skill Route tree where skill programs had to be purchased in order, it is abolished in SRW T so that the player can instantly produce most of the skills available in the list. A pilot can have up to 30 skills learned at once.

Super Robot Wars T screenshots

Super Robot Wars T will be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for Japan and the rest of Asia on March 20. An English localization will be also available for Southeast Asia simultaneously.

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