Super Robot Wars T DLC will consist of 20 bonus scenarios

Bandai Namco has provided details on upcoming DLC for Super Robot Wars T. As with the recent prior SRW games, the DLC for this game mainly consists of bonus scenarios telling additional side stories not covered in the main story. There are 20 bonus scenarios in total and they can be purchased either individually or with an all-in-one pack.

Clearing the purchased bonus scenario for the first time in the playthrough will reward you with additional cash, TacP, and parts. Most of the scenarios can be bought for 150 yen, but the last 3 scenarios will be priced at 200 yen. You can check the full list of DLC scenario titles, along with the timing when they become accessible, right below.

  1. Armor Fight, Ready Go! (Available after Chapter 8)
  2. Space of Revenge (Available after Chapter 8)
  3. Today is Bonus! (Available after Chapter 15)
  4. Dynamic Alumni Meeting (Available after Chapter 15)
  5. Black Stress (Available after Chapter 21)
  6. Showdown! Cowboy VS Company President! (Available after Chapter 21)
  7. Magic Knight and Holy Knight (Available after Chapter 24)
  8. Paradise Gourmet Journal (Available after Chapter 24)
  9. The Place with Heart (Available after Chapter 29)
  10. Here's the Paradise of This World (Available after Chapter 29)
  11. The Fairies' Afternoon (Available after Chapter 36)
  12. The Three People After 10 Years (Available after Chapter 36)
  13. Wandering Foreigner (Available after Chapter 38)
  14. The Troubled Rivals (Available after Chapter 38)
  15. The Cursed Super Deformation (Available after Chapter 42)
  16. Who is the Protagonist (Available after Chapter 42)
  17. Trails of the Comet (Available after Chapter 47)
  18. To the Future Together (Available after Chapter 47)
  19. Beautiful Sinners (Available after Chapter 50)
  20. Special Section 3 Presentation (Available after Chapter 50)

There is also an all-in-one full pack where you can purchase all of the bonus scenarios in one go. While the total price is still the same, purchasing the full pack will unlock another bonus present scenario where you can obtain even more in-game rewards as follows:

  • 10 Upgrade Parts - T-Riser, Omnidefensor, Full Coat Armor, Long Range Impact, S-Adapter, High Precision Sensors, Prairie Oyster, Operation Backup, Super Repair Kit, and Soul of Gekiganger
  • 6 Skill Programs - Melee Up, Range Up, Skill Up, Defense Up, Evasion Up, and Accuracy Up
  • 300,000 cash
  • 3,000 TacP
Super Robot Wars T DLC screenshots

These DLC bonus scenarios will be available to purchase on the same day Super Robot Wars T gets released in Japan and Asia for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on March 20. An English localization of this game will also be available in Southeast Asia. You can also check out more information on the gameplay system.

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