Super Neptunia RPG dialogue screenshots and quest details

Idea Factory International has posted new information and screenshots for Super Neptunia RPG, showing dialogue, re-introducing the CPU Goddesses (HDD forms), and offering details on magic stones & quests.

Additionally, Idea Factory states that the western release of Super Neptunia RPG, for all platforms, will contain a patch to address various bugs and issues present in the Japanese release, such as animations, UI, and audio glitches. The patch also addresses some combat balancing. Details can be found at the tail of this post.

Find character bios, quest system details, and screenshots below. In case you missed it, you can check out last week's update on combat here and the first set of battle system screenshots and Steam Deluxe Edition information here.

Super Neptunia RPG is set tor release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in North America on June 25 and in Europe on June 28. The Steam version will launch a few days earlier on June 20. 


Character Update

CPU Goddesses

Purple Heart: The guardian Goddess of Planeptune, which once flourished as the city of the future. One of four Goddesses, she was the center of them all, but because of the coup carried out by Filyn and her Bombyx Mori, she lost her powers, and went missing.

Black Heart: The guardian Goddess of Lastation, which once flourished as an industrial city. She is one of four Goddesses. Within the four, she was the most hard-working one, but she was defeated in the battle with Filyn, and went missing.

White Heart: The guardian Goddess of Lowee, which once flourished as a magical kingdom. She is one of four Goddesses. She was said to have the highest defense, but it was broken by Filyn, and she was defeated. She went missing afterwards.

Green Heart: The guardian Goddess of Leanbox, which once flourished as a nation abundant in nature. She is one of four Goddesses. Her overflowing love for games did not reach Filyn, whom she ended up battling, and subsequently lost to. She went missing afterwards.

Histoire: It is rather thick. There is unreadable text written inside. It occasionally glows, as if it may have emotions.

Magic Stones, Quests, and Hunts

Magic Stones • Magic Stone Switches: Throughout the game, players will find various switches in cities and dungeons. Examine a stone switch to activate a challenge and collect Magic Stones by touching them. Collecting all the Magic Stones within the time limit will clear the challenge and they can be repeated if a player fails to collect all the Magic Stones. Players can use the Magic Stones as in-game currency to purchase more items!

Quests: NPCs within cities and dungeons can provide quests with beneficial rewards. There are two types of quests: Extermination or Collect/Deliver. Defeat a certain amount of enemies or collect a certain amount of items and deliver it back to the NPC for your rewards. Note that players cannot decline a quest once accepted.

Hunt Quests: Each city has a Guild where players can accept Hunt Quests from them. By accepting a Hunt Quest, a target monster will appear within a specific dungeon. Depending on the target monster, there are times when they can hide in an area not displayed on the dungeon map. Each Hunt Quest has a recommended level ranging from Lv 5 - 100, but players can challenge themselves without regard for the levels. Defeat the target monster for experience points and item drops!

Super Neptunia RPG Dialogue Screenshots

Patch Notes


For the Western release of Super Neptunia RPG, we would like to note that a patch has been created for the PS4, Switch, and Steam versions of the game to address issues in the original Japanese release:


  • Updates on animations
  • Updates on object placement
  • Fixed some conditions that would prevent a cutscene from playing
  • Added the type-style text during cutscenes


  • Improved audio synchronization during certain cut-scenes
  • Fixed some instances of audio corruption
  • Fixed an issue where multiple audio files play at the same time
  • Fixed some voice issues
  • Added some missing voices


  • Better balancing on some quests, skills, and weapons
  • Fixed conditions that prevented a quest's completion
  • Fixed icons to match their items
  • Fixed some text issues
  • Fixed an issue where players could not cancel the use of an item
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent an ability to work as intended
  • Fixed an issue where a fight would not start in Goddess Mode when it should
  • Fixed some collision and bound issues
  • Fixed some text issues that would now show on-screen
  • Fixed a Break Attack animation that would play off-screen
  • Fixed an issue where Puddingo would not show in certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a fight from finishing when using fast forward
  • Fixed an issue where a cutscene is played in the wrong order


  • Updates on the Settings menu
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor goes off-screen
  • Added scrolling for longer text
  • Added a sorting functionality in the menu


  • Stability improvement
  • Improved menu navigation
  • Optimized camera during exploration and cutscenes
  • Changed the saves order from most recent to oldest
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy would remain on the screen after winning a battle
  • Fixed some navigation issues with the D-pad
  • Added some success/fail feedback when fleeing battle
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