Super Robot Wars T Expansion Pack DLC to be released on June 27

Bandai Namco has today revealed that Super Robot Wars T will have an Expansion Pack DLC. This all-new DLC will add a post-game story which also gives more spotlights to original characters from Super Robot Wars V and X. It takes place a few months after the main story has ended, so players will have to finish the main story first before this expansion can be accessed. Pilot stats, robot upgrade levels, all funds and difficulty mode will be carried over from the cleared save data; only the total amount of turns and SR points will be reset.

After a new update patch to Version 1.04 is released on June 25, a new Expansion Pack entry will be added to the start menu. The post-game story will have a total of 20 new scenarios, with 14 scenarios in a route which confirms story branching. The Expansion Pack will also have its own difficulty setting called Custom Rank which will determine the upgrade levels of enemies appearing in the post-game story. This can be changed anytime at Options menu inside the Intermission.

  • Basic Custom: Suitable for save data cleared after the first playthrough
  • Super Custom: Suitable for save data cleared after the second or further playthroughs
  • Hyper Custom: Suitable for a high-difficulty challenge when paired with Super Expert Mode
Super Robot Wars T Expansion Pack screenshots

Super Robot Wars T's Expansion Pack DLC will be available on June 27. The base game has been released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan and the rest of Asia, and an English localized version is also available in Southeast Asia. While DLC for the English release on PS4 can be purchased from PSN Stores in the Southeast Asian countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, the Switch DLC will be available on the Hong Kong eShop instead.