Fire Emblem: Three Houses has new details on Beast Battles, Arena Tournaments, and more

As we are nearing the release date of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Nintendo has come up with a new set of information for the game through Famitsu. This latest coverage gives more details on battles against large beasts that have been teased in multiple trailers before, including the recent Japanese overview trailer. It also confirms that the Arena battle system is returning with some changes, along with more facilities including one dedicated for scanning amiibos.

You can read all the information which we have translated and compiled after the jump. In case you missed them, you can also read our translations of Famitsu's prior coverages at the following links:

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be released for Nintendo Switch soon on July 26 worldwide.


Beast Battles

While battles against beasts are not new in the Fire Emblem series, Three Houses expands on them by adding large beasts that occupy multiple grids on the map. These beasts also have HP stocks as indicated by the red diamonds; simply reducing their HP to 0 will only deplete one of those stocks, and all of them must be depleted in order to deal the killing blow.

A beast has barriers that are symbolized by yellow grids around its position. Each of these grids must be attacked and broken separately to break the beast's armor and topple it. Successfully toppling the beast will render it immovable for a while and also give a reward item. But the player must watch out when the beast unleashes its strongest attack (which is noticeable when it charges up power the turn before) because it will end up replenishing all of its barriers.



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The Arena feature from past Fire Emblem games makes its return with some twists. The Training Grounds inside the Officer Academy holds a monthly tournament where you can send one of your students to participate. The weapon used will be pre-determined by the tournament, so your student's stats will greatly determine the outcome.

As with past Arena battles, tournament matches are done automatically until one of the combatants falls down. But in-between matches, you are now also given up to 2 opportunities to heal some of the student's HP before choosing to retire.


More Facilities in the Monastery

The article also shows more facilities that you can explore in the Monastery. While not all of them may have specific gameplay features, some characters may prefer to stay in these particular places.

  • Audience Hall, which also doubles as Rhea's office room
  • Knights Hall, a gathering place for knight characters
  • Stable, where you can meet characters who like taking care of horses such as Marianne
  • Library, where you can read more background information such as the history of Fodlan, the Seiros religion, and the famous houses
  • Students Dormitory, where students are staying at. You can also take a peek at students' personal notes, which will actually improve your Guidance Level. The Protagonist's Room is located at the first floor, and it also has a quest board.
  • amiibo spot, where you can scan compatible amiibos to spawn more item drops randomly somewhere in the Monastery. Scanning Fire Emblem character amiibos will give more special rewards.

Online Features

The following features are available if you are connected online with the Nintendo Switch Online paid subscription service.


Exchange Students
Other players may send one of their students to appear in someone else's world. You can meet these students in your academy, where they will sell an item at a slightly cheaper price than the market. You can also do more things with them, for example playing an 'Infiltration Training' hide-and-seek minigame, or even hiring them as an adjutant.

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Souls of the Fallen
An online connection during battles may spawn souls of people who were killed in other players' games on numerous spots in the map. Purple souls are those from fallen enemies which can reward items, while yellow souls are from fallen allies and their effects vary from giving experience points to recovering weapon durability.

More Advanced Classes

  • Swordmaster - Experts who have mastered the way of the sword. They slash their enemies with quick sword techniques.
    Swordmaster Class Skills:
    Sword Expert - Attack +5 while equipping Sword
    Sword Critical +10 - Critical +10 while equipping Sword
  • Assassin - Living in the shadow world, they excel at dexterity and speed.
    Assassin Class Skills:
    Sword Expert - Attack +5 while equipping Sword
    Lockpick - Able to open gates and treasure boxes without using a key
    Stealth Steps - Enemies will target the unit less frequently
  • Warrior - Boasting their unequaled power, they also have high health so they can perform in many battlefields.
    Warrior Class Skills:
    Axe Expert - Attack +5 while equipping Axe
    Axe Critical +10 - Critical +10 while equipping Axe
  • Sniper - Experts who have mastered archery. They have high dexterity and excel at landing attacks from far away.
    Sniper Class Skills:
    Bow Expert - Attack +5 while equipping Bow
    Bow Range +1 - Increases bow attack range by 1
  • Dark Bishop - Having mastered Dark Magic, they are strong against enemies that have a high physical defense.
    Dark Bishop Class Skills:
    Dora Delta - Enables the unit to use Dora Delta. If this spell has been learned, this will allow it to be cast twice
    Magic Blow - Magic +6 when the user initiates an attack
    Curse - Adjacent enemies will have their evasion reduced by 20 in battles
  • Wyvern Rider - Knights that ride wyverns and fly in the sky. Although they have high stats, they are weak against bows and magic.
    Wyvern Rider Class Skills:
    Move Again - Allows movement after a battle if there are still unused movement points
    Axe Expert - Attack +5 while equipping Axe
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Classes

More Characters


Seteth (voiced by Takehito Koyasu)
Advisor to the Archbishop of the Church of Seiros.
A person who emphasizes order and discipline. While he respects the Archbishop Rhea's decision to specially invite the Protagonist into the officer academy, he is still quite wary of you. He dotes his sister Flayn; while he is always worried about her, sometimes he may become over-protective.


Flayn (voiced by Yuuko Ohno)
Seteth's younger sister. Although she lives in the Monastery, she is not a student in the officer academy. She has a gentle personality and can approach anyone without worry, but she is brimming with curiosity and sometimes does unexpected movements, which makes Seteth always worried about her.

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Jeritza (voiced by Atsushi Imaruoka)
A teacher in the officer academy. As a fencing instructor, he is mainly tasked for training. He hates having relations with others, he even says rejective expressions without hesitation towards people who speak to him nonchalantly. Although he has many mysteries, his skills are definitely good as he is entrusted to train the students.


Tomas (voiced by Shinya Fukumatsu)
A man who has worked as the Librarian in the Garreg Mach Monastery for more than 40 years. He knows very well of not only the books contained in the library but also situations in the monastery, where he has lived for a long time. He is also a devout follower of the Seiros religion.


Cyril (voiced by Kengo Kawanishi)
A young boy who works as Archbishop Rhea's attendant. A war orphan, he feels deep gratitude towards Rhea who saved him from the crisis. He works very seriously in the monastery to the point that he is prone to getting an impression of being cold and blunt. Shamir taught him about archery because he wants to become useful to Rhea.


Alois Langert (voiced by Manabu Sakamaki)
A knight working under the Knights of Seiros. He used to be a subordinate of Jeralt when the latter was also under the knights, so he has both respect and affection for him. He recommended the Protagonist to Rhea to become a teacher after you repelled the bandits that assaulted the students. He has a cheerful and sociable personality. Although he likes jokes, he is not that good at receiving them.


Gilbert Prosnilav (voiced by Hiromichi Kogami)
A knight from the Kingdom who now works under the Knights of Seiros. He is deeply religious, serious, and has polite manners. He doesn't change his expressions so much and doesn't have much to talk about himself either. That's why it is difficult to know his true intentions. But apparently, he likes fishing and cooking.

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Shamir Nevland (voiced by Yurina Watanabe)
An expert archer who places herself into the Knights of Seiros. She used to be a mercenary but then became a knight in order to repay the favor she received from Rhea in the past. She is one of the few people in the Knights to swear loyalty not to the Seiros religion but to Rhea personally.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Screenshots
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