Persona 5 Royal - Third promotion trailer and Hero's character trailer

Atlus has published even more trailers for Persona 5 Royal as the game is approaching its Japanese release in two months time. These trailers were first shown at a live stream to commemorate the game going gold, which was unfortunately region-locked to Japan only. However, Atlus also uploaded them to their Youtube channel soon afterward so that the rest of the world can also watch them.

The trailers published today are the third major promotion trailer which shows more cutscenes from the enhanced game, and a character trailer dedicated to the Hero or the protagonist. As usual, Atlus rarely ever uses a canon name for the Hero in the mainline games' promotional materials. But if you are wondering, he does have a canon name or two in other games and media, and we have compiled them right here.

Persona 5 Royal for PlayStation 4 will be released first in Japan on October 31. The Western release will be available later in Spring 2020. In the recent weeks, Atlus has also published a trailer for the new confidant Takuto Maruki as well as more gameplay screenshots showing off the new features added here.

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