Persona 5 Royal - Final Morgana Report reveals My Palace feature and new DLC

Atlus has been regularly publishing Morgana's Report trailers as the first source of new information for Persona 5 Royal. In the August video, it revealed new Mementos features and mission types among others, while the September video revealed Nakano and Shinagawa as new spots to visit as well as the new Fusion Warning system and Challenge Battles. Today, they have published the last trailer of the series, which reveals another new major feature as well as more DLC coming to this enhanced RPG.

This new and final Morgana's Report trailer revealed a brand-new feature for P5R. My Palace is an area that can be customized as the player sees fit. You can collect P-Medals through an in-game achievement system, which can be used to purchase various things available in My Palace, from decoration items, BGM to play in the jukebox, illustrations to be shown at the museum, and past event cutscenes in the Archives.

In My Palace, you can change the player avatar to any character other than the hero by stepping on a specific floor tile that has the character's portrait. By using certain items obtained from building deep relationships with other characters, you can also summon cognitive versions of them into the area, which you can interact with to trigger new conversations. You can also play mini-games with those characters, including a new Millionaire card game which can reward more P-Medals.

The trailer also revealed some new DLC that will be available exclusively to P5R. The ones introduced in the trailer are Challenge Missions that let the Phantom Thieves fight against protagonists of Persona 3 and 4, and new costumes from more Atlus titles including Persona Q2.

Persona 5 Royal for PlayStation 4 will be released first in Japan on October 31. The English localization will follow later in Spring 2020.

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